2017 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Leaked, Hulk Hogan Impostor Removed From RAW | Wrestling Report

2017 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Leaked, Hulk Hogan Impostor Removed From RAW | Wrestling Report

What’s up everyone? My name is John, and this is the Wrestling
Report. First up, we’ve got some pretty funny news
about an incident at Monday Night Raw. There was a fan at ringside who was dressed
as Hulk Hogan. WWE officials came down to his seat and made
him move, to which the crowd responded by chanting “Hogan.” The guy dressed up said that officials asked
him to move “halfway through the show” because the officials thought he looked too
much like the Hulkster. Hogan himself even responded by saying that
they might have been afraid that he would have slammed Braun Strowman. Next up, we have some information about a
former WWE announcer joining the UFC. Todd Grisham has reportedly joined the UFC
and has already changed his Twitter handle to GrishamMMA, so we know it is official. As of now, he is scheduled to join the commentary
table on the 15th of January. Next up, we’ve got a little extra news today
regarding Jimmy Snuka’s case being dismissed. Snuka will apparently not be facing charges
for the death of his girlfriend in 1983, as the court ruled that he was not competent
to stand trial and that further prosecution would be unjust. During a hearing to see if he was competent
to stand trial, he said that he was in his 80’s even though he is only 73. His wife even stated that he thought that
when he was being arrested that he was being taken to meet wrestling fans. Finally, we have a name that has been leaked
for the Hall of Fame class of 2017. It is being rumored that WWE plans to induct
Diamond Dallas Paige into the Hall of Fame. The rumors started running rampant when it
was announce that WWE would be releasing a DVD about DDP. There are many more names that are going to
be added to this year’s hall of fame induction ceremony; who would you like to see inducted? Let me know in the comments
And this has been the Wrestling Report. I hope you’re all having an awesome day;
thank you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you tomorrow with more wrestling


  1. The ones I want to see in this year's HOF:
    Steve Blackman
    Michelle McCool
    Honky Tonk Man
    Bam Bam Bigalow

  2. Well ddp at least deserves it, not saying some of them don't but if wwe is complaining about the hall of fame not being taken seriously by fans, well how would it be, when they don't take it serious!

  3. Here are my predictions for the inductees this year:
    Harvey Wippleman
    Ultimo Dragon
    Davey Boy Smith
    Michael Cole
    Shaquille O'Neal

  4. I personally would like to see some old timers of wrestling get in2 the HOF before some that are mention in the comments. I'd like to see
    -Rick Rude
    -Demolition including Crush😉👍
    -Bam Bam
    -One Man Gang
    -Most importantly Vader regardless of his health issues. IMO He was the first athletic big man I've ever seen.

  5. Chyna will be inducted for sure but i want to see in HOF guys like Vader,Bam Bam Bigelow,Owen Hart,Brian Pillman,British Bulldog,Dean Malenko and maybe some ECW Originals like Shane Douglas

  6. The Great Khali, Vader, The Hurricane, Steve Blackman, Jushin Thunder Liger, The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, and Ultimo Dragon!!!

  7. That Hogan look alike is Superfan "Tye Dye guy", he's a local in my area(Tampa Bay Area) and I see him at all the shows. That's weird they did that seeing as they know him and have actually referenced him on WWE t.v.

  8. The guy dressed as Hogan was just having some fun. they shouldn't be fucking allowed to tell people to move that pay their ticket. wtf.

  9. Isnt that "Hogan Imposter" The well known super tye dye fan thats always at NXT in florida at full sail university. Im sure his what the internet calls a super fan.

  10. that guy dressed as Hogan, that's Tye Dye Guy… he goes to WWE events all the time, just like Rick the sign guy… so it's kinda weird for WWE to take an issue with him. I guess it's because he was directly in sight of the camera, but that's still pretty silly for them to take issue with it

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