1356 Lego Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years War

1356 Lego Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years War

late in the summer of 1356 the oldest
son of England’s King Edward the Third, Edward the Black Prince, led a small army
from Bordeaux deep into the French King’s realm, raiding and pillaging the
towns and countryside. [French] “Hello” “Those’ll be English cattle now, friends” [French] “I think not” The new French King, John the Second, was filled with rage. He gathered a huge army that he would lead himself. King John caught
up with the English and cornered them near the town of Poitiers on September 19th, ten years after the humiliating defeat of the French at Crécy [on August 26, 1346]. “Holy Chevauchée!” “Well, we’re screwed” A Cardinal of the church persuaded the two sides to meet and try to reach a peaceful resolution. [Prince Edward] “We will give back everything we have taken” [Prince Edward] “and then our armies can part in peace.” [Prince Louis of France] “Give back what you stole?” [Prince Louis of France] “We will take it ourselves.” [French Emissary] “You must surrender yourself and all your greatest lords.” “Move all the wagons to the rear” [German] “Look – the wagons” [German] “They are fleeing!” [German] “Will you just watch them flee?!” [French] “Will you charge into those lines of archers?” [German] “Their arrows will bounce like raindrops!” [French] “I hope.” [French] “Or maybe this will remind me of Crecy.” “Collect your arrows!” [French] “They killed all the horses!” [French] “For the King!” [French] “Archers!” “Thank you Jesus!” “Oh thank you God for protecting us” “No – Thank you Jesus!” “Oh thank the Lord” “I can’t believe we survived!” [Indistinct French Orders] “Oh sh!t” “Indeed” “Captal de Buch must ride now!” “You have to ride now!” “Into their flank” King John and his younger son Louis were both captured and taken to England. Later, the King was released with Louis staying in London as security. But when Louis escaped from England, King John went back to captivity in London, as a matter of good faith and honor.


  1. very nice but where are the French archers? I pretty sure the French would have used archers around this time and their isnt one scence with them in this.

  2. The English REALLY deserved to lose this war

    cause unlike modern wars where bombs often cause civilian deaths the English straight up massacred the French

  3. This guy has some skills! I love how he cuts the figures and the Lego bricks so it looks like they or it have been shot hit etc, keeeeeeep it up

  4. Most of the shots would be directed at weak points, like the armpit and back of the knee, not as shown in the animation. Also, people being cut clean in half was an almost never, and most of the time large swords and poll arms were wielded with two hands. Helmets were usually a lot more effective in real life. I’m not trying to pick apart this animation, just educate a little

  5. 33 years later was battle for Kosovo,the greatest battle in Serbian history.In that battle serbian soldier Miloš killed Ottoman sultan Murat and became only one who killed sultan

  6. This hit the spot, can’t think of any other movie but braveheart that comes close to the amount of brutality and urgency that this does, and it’s made of LEGO!

  7. Zombie apocalypse then I ticzhejegunending haha was a time to get to work and get it we can get together soon and that way you could just come home 🏠 is that way you want us to

  8. -knight don’t need shield they have armor plate.
    -knight use lance to charge and breaking enemy defend line
    i’m not gonna talk about how OP archer are, and armor,helmet are so weak.

  9. Wow, this shit is really something. Just look at the fighting scenes and how the lego soldiers die, with what seems like real cuts.

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