10 WWE Wrestlers Who Will Be Forced to Retire in 2019 – Braun Strowman & Ronda Rousey Retiring?

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Will Be Forced to Retire in 2019 - Braun Strowman & Ronda Rousey Retiring?

10w wrestlers who will be forced to retire in 2019 Frosch Roman recently suffered an elbow injury Bron also suffered an elbow injury in 2017 as well many people have said in the past due to braun strowman's large size he will probably not have a long career and now because he is becoming someone injury prone due to his elbow problems Brahe may have to start wrestling part-time in the near future or if he keeps getting elbow injuries braun may have to retire from wrestling altogether Jeff Hardy who is currently 41 years old has said in many recent interviews that his body is breaking down due to his hectic road schedule and he is also suffering from severe back problems Jeff's brother Matt Hardy quietly announced his retirement in 2018 and Jeff may have to do the same in 2019 if his back does not kidney better Becky Lynch suffered a concussion and broken face after getting punched by night checks on Raw her injuries were so severe that she was barred from wrestling until the TLC pay-per-view but she still is not 100% and Oscar was added to the match because Becky is not allowed to take major bumps because if she does take a big bump it could cause more concussions and long-term damage to her face and if Becky keeps getting concussions in 2019 backstage officials will have no choice but to force Becky to retire fans were stunned when Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles for the w/e championship but that's exactly what AJ Styles wanted a recent report says that AJ Styles told the sick man that he no longer wanted to be champion because he wanted to wrestle less States so he could spend more time with his family which could mean that AJ might decide to walk away from the wrestling business for good when his contract expires in 2019 wrestling fans are eagerly awaiting Roman reigns's return to the ring and we were given a rare glimpse at Roman reigns his current condition Chinn when he attended a college football game where he looked healthy in a beat but even if he makes a full recovery doctors might not clear him to wrestle which will leave Roman with no choice but to retire Alexa bliss has suffered multiple concussions in 2018 which is the reason why she is now in charge of the raw women's division backstage officials are very cautious right now about allowing Alexa bliss to wrestle again because they don't want her to suffer any more concussions and when Alexa does wrestle again and gets another concussion misuk man may have no choice but to force Alexa bliss to retire from wrestling Sami Zayn's had many injuries over the past few years including two injuries where he was out of action for several months if Sami Zayn keeps suffering more injuries in the next year that he could be forced to retire Kurt Angle is very close to full retirement even though Kurt Angle is actually in good shape for his age misuk man does not want to push Kurt Angle due to Kurt's advancing age which could lead to Kurt Angle announcing his retirement in 2019 during a recent interview Ronda Rousey said that she plans on having kids very soon and she does not want to wrestle for very much longer which would mean as soon as she becomes pregnant she would be barred from competing and would have no choice but to relinquish her title which would also mean she would retire from wrestling so she could concentrate on being a mom and raising her children Jason Jordan has been sidelined with a neck injury for several months and recently has been discovered that his injury is more serious than first thought and as of right now he's been forced to work backstage as an agent current reports say that he will not be cleared by doctors who wrestle ever again I will be forced to announce his retirement in 2019 you


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