10 Wrestlers You Had No Idea Are Canadian

10 Wrestlers You Had No Idea Are Canadian

From far and wide oh Canada we stand on guard
for thee, over the years in Pro wrestling there have been many great Canadian wrestlers
that have been billed from the great white north like Bret Hart, Edge, Christian and
many more. But did you know some of your favorite WWE
superstars billed from other parts of the world may have also been from Canada? That is why we here at wrestling hub are bringing
you 10 Wrestlers you may not have not known were Canadian! One half of the Fashion police and “Prince
Pretty” Tyler Breeze (Real name Matt Clemens) may be billed from his “seasonal residence”
in Monte Carlo Monaco, but you may actually be surprised to know that he is actually a
Canadian born in Penticton, British Columbia. Nice try Matt! The master of the fork as a weapon and WWE
Hall of Fame inductee in 2011 Abdullah the Butcher was actually not from Sudan like promoters
would have you believe. No he was actually (like Tyler Breeze) A Canuck! The big man with a rib joint in Georgia was
actually born in Windsor, Ontario. Who would have guessed it? Up next is a man who once almost had his junk
cut off by Kai En Tai. Yeah that story actually got green lit by
production, but let’s try to forget that EVER happened and move on. Val Venus was a staple of the attitude era
and a good wrestler, but even though WWE billed him from Las Vegas he was actually from Oakville,
Ontario, Canada. You learn something new everyday The man who was recently hired back into WWE
for the brand split and a former member of the greatest faction in wrestling history
3MB Jinder Mahal is currently teaming with Rusev to tackle Enzo and Big Cass after getting
pissed off at Enzo during a workplace sensitivity meeting. But even though WWE don’t want you to realize
how bad of a storyline this is, one thing they don’t want to figure out is that Jinder
isn’t even from Punjab, India. He is actually from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That means he must be the next Bret Hart right… Right? Former La resistance member and also former
WWE tag team champion Rene Dupree was a proud citizen of France, except that’s a lie. He is actually from the only bilingual province
in Canada, New Brunswick In a city called Moncton, which means he could actually speak
French from a young age and wasn’t very far off his gimmick at all. The missing link was a staple of wrestling
in the 80’s and 90’s and was always great at performing his character. But something missing from his entrance was
that they didn’t announce his real birthplace which is Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Link, (real name Dewey Robertson) tragically
passed away in 2007. A WWE employee for over 10 years now, Rosa
Mendes seems like she has been around forever managing any and every team from Latin America,
but what you may not know is she actually was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Like most people on this list, this was a
weird one that I did not expect at all The man who practically invented and shaped
the role off foreign heel, Ivan Koloff was the foundation for wrestlers like Rusev, Mohammed
Hassan, Vladimir Koslov and many more. He was so hated that fans would have to be
held back from attacking him in a time when wrestling was more real. The most baffling thing about all of this
though is that Ivan was actually from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All that Russian Anthem singing for nothing. These next two were the most shocking for
me when I first figured it out, but we will start off with one of the greatest comedians
in the history of the business, the Milan Miracle, Santino. Being billed from Calabria, Italy and coming
out to standard Italian music, it was an eye opener for me when I found out that he is
really from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada! He even has a wrestling school there and everything! You Son a ma gun Santino! One of my personal favorite wrestlers AND
entertainers of all time. As soon as you think you know the answer,
he changes the question. He was a revelation to the wrestling world
and it’s a shame that Rowdy Roddy Piper, A Canadian born Piper, has never won the WWE
Championship. He was the greatest of all time on the mic
and the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Native may be gone, but never forgotten in the history
of wrestling. I bet he’s chewing bubblegum and kicking
ass right now in heaven. And that was 10 Wrestler you may have not
known were Canadian! If you liked this video why not check out
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video and I’ll see you all, later.


  1. As a Punjabi myself, I knew jinder mahal's from Canada and when I see his promos, especially the one he did when he returned and he said shit like "I went deep into the Himalayas to find peace" something like that I just felt so sorry cos pretty much every Indian person who watched it knows that's just pure bull shit like wtf. Or the promo he did when he goes "shantiiii" with his hand raised up that's such a stereotypical thing to do haha. Also when he says namaste that's Hindi not punjabi that's a different but similar language

  2. Hopefully this will be read but WH because it's a criticism but not super disrespectful. This new guy is alright. His voice is a bit annoying because of his high pitchy voice. But I could get used to it hopefully his voice would be a little more deep. I'd also like the way you guys connect your fans by using that the right corner had us poll how we thought. But this new guy isn't that bad he's ok. My vote 7/10

  3. but really who cares.this has been going on for yrs.people billed from other countries but yet are American or Canadian.just like the iron sheik billed from Iran,he was American.I used to live about 25 miles from Mr Fuji wrestling camp

  4. Are you guys trying to be whatcluture jr? all of a sudden different people popping up on this channel and talking like it's a group

  5. I have this weird thing with Canada, I seem to always like Canadian wrestlers and actors. But the thing is, I like them before I know they're Canadian and then I find out and I'm like "Not again!". At this point it's more of a shock if someone I like ISN'T from Canada. I always have to check now, every time I find myself liking someone I google them to see if they're Canadian. It's already a kind of an inside joke between me and my friend at this point.

  6. Also the Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie), Test, Hans Schmidt, Kurrgan, Iron Mike Sharpe and who can forget Phil Latio.

  7. You probably already knew this, but even though Stan Stasiak was billed as being from Buzzard's Creek Oregon, he was also Canadian

  8. you guys should do more research Quebec's is the only bilingual province in Canada and the missing link is from Hamilton Ontario do a bit more research

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  10. Excellent work. Missed, Gail Kim (Toronto), Killer Kowalski (Windsor), Stan Stasiak (Saguenay) and Waldo von Erich (Toronto).

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