10 Reasons RAW is Better Than SmackDown Live

10 Reasons RAW is Better Than SmackDown Live

RAW is the big dog in this fight between the
two brands of WWE, and sometimes being the bigger dog of the two can give you some properties
that in turn make you better. My name is John and these are 10 reasons why
RAW is better than SmackDown Live. I feel as though the role of Triple H being
a creator and coming back when tempted with the need to destroy is a perfect way to use
him. The fans know just how good he is in the ring
and especially know how much he cares about fine details in story lines as well, so having
The Game come on to RAW for a feud and also include and place people into the main event
(without trying to drop a title to them at WrestleMania) is a win in my book. Now, you would think that it would be a no
brainer to say that RAW is better because they’ve got the cruiserweights, but 205
Live happens right after SmackDown, so the fans in attendance get to see the cruiserweights
at both shows. But since it is technically not a part of
SmackDown Live, the cruiserweights give RAW reason to utilize the 3-hour time frame and
provide for highflying action that you can only see elsewhere on the WWE Network. In the previous video where I went over why
SmackDown Live was better than RAW, I pretty much derailed on why having a 3-hour show
wasn’t great as fans could get bored and trying to fill a larger card can cause dips
in terms of quality since you’re increasing quantity. With that being said, there are some benefits. Firstly, we get to see more types of matches,
for example, squash matches featuring a giant like Strowman or Nia Jax destroying a local
competitor. Okay Byron Saxton is really only on this list
because of SmackDown having David Otunga. Saxton has been commentating since his early
days in FCW, so this is his time to shine, and he’s honestly improved. Furthermore, his back and forth banter with
Corey Graves is just wonderful. However, while I think David Otunga is not
bad an commentary, as he has more intellect than a certain wrestling god we know, but
he just lacks energy on the microphone, and what is this smirk? Why does he always make this face? Cause he’s a Harvard lawyer Mauro! I would say one of RAW’s strongest points
is having Stephanie and Mick Foley as General Manager and Commissioner. Now hold on. Don’t go ballistic about how Mick always
flubs his lines and Stephanie still acts as villainous as she did when the authority was
still heavily involved. But having two opposing forces coming from
two different perspectives allows for more drama amongst fans, as they won’t be able
to predict who will make certain matches throughout the night. On the other hand, the way the Universal championship
has been booked since its inception has been pretty predictable. Once Finn Balor came to the main roster and
was announced to have an opportunity to be in contention for the title, the fans knew
he would win, and he did, and then he was forced to vacate the title which left us with
Rollins, Reigns, Owens or Big Cass. Nobody saw Triple H coming, and everybody
wanted KO to win, and hey since he won, that means WWE are listening to what fans want. Or what you want just so happens to be what
they want… Don’t get too excited now just because they’re
predictable. Obviously, Monday Night RAW is the flagship
program and draws in more viewers on a night to night basis than SmackDown Live. While SmackDown did get one victory of RAW;
it still doesn’t compare to the wins RAW has been and still is racking up. Pretty simple, RAW gets more views, RAW is
better, right? Chris Jericho has once again got the fans
interest in him as a performer by introducing his new “stupid idiot” reincarnation of
himself. Honestly, Jericho alone has been involved
in so many segments that are always hilarious and his chemistry with Kevin Owens is incredible,
too. On top of that, he’s got the List of Jericho,
he’s been in the epicenter of so many controversial interferences to help his friend retain his
title, and he is the champion of the United States. He is a national treasure, and he makes the
list for why RAW is better than SmackDown Live. This could be viewed as a huge down side to
RAW is having guys like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. The down side being that they take away time
from younger guys that should have already been pushed to the top of the mountain correctly
and gotten over with the fans, but that doesn’t happen all the time, so they will need to
rely on bigger and already established names from the past for the flagship show. But on a positive note, having Goldberg return
and face off against guys like Kevin Owens really benefits KO in terms of getting more
exposure. No one would have imagined Kevin Owens facing
off against Bill Goldberg for his Universal title before Goldberg returned. So having guys like him, Lesnar and Taker
allows for these guys to be with someone who is at least on the level they are trying to
get at, and, at the very least, it creates a dream match.


  1. Not saying RAW is the better show overall, it really isn't right now, but it does have some good aspects which are highlighted in this video. Give it a watch and then decide how you feel about it.

    Also, check out our video on why SmackDown is better than RAW if you haven't already!

  2. the problem with wwe having guys like goldberg is that there not using them correctly. goldberg could get someone over with one pinfall, instead there gonna give his victory to the guy who has been burying people for a paycheck the past 5 years. Its ridiculous.

  3. the crusierweight ????? Bro they have 3 to 4 minute matches bro at least 205 lives show there full Potential and nobody cares about them anyway that's wwe fault Stephanie and foley is Pure CRINGES man they treated that Universe Title LOL into a JOKE they made KO into a JOKE something learn my friend that more viewers doesn't mean is Good and the way i see Shitlane Oldberg will BURIED Owen and Part timers are ruining RAW

  4. Well 3 hours show need a lot of fillers aka your courser weights and squash matches. The best commutator is on smackdown but she not behind the table. With the view got ask WCW in the early 90's and late 80's. You wont changes cuz they go to the well to much. Both goldbured and brock is on there way out of the company and they going to put the title on both of them its seem and if they " bridgeable" like you say they why should we watch fashlane

  5. Um, Corey Graves as "one of/if not the greatest color commentators ever"? Lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

  6. The cruiserweight division is not a up since it's not being booked right sure Neville is great and Jack is alright and Austin will be great but the rest don't have any developed characters and they hardly do any flips compared to the cruiserweight classic and they get 3-5 minute matches and RAW has had a lot less views compared to SDL and RAW had the least viewed episode this week and hardly had any fans in the arena RAW is almost the equivalent to Impact

  7. This comment section is garbage. These smackdown internet wrestling fans make all wrestling fans look like a fucking idiots.

  8. RAW has improved but it's still not as good as Smackdown in terms of quality per segment. There's too much joking on RAW with douchebags like the new day constantly belittling titles and their opponents, it takes away from the atmosphere you want at a wrestling event. You want their to be an atmosphere of competition, the only reason fans tune in is because they want to see something they didn't expect happen. It doesn't help when you have Enzo and Cass doing the same shit as the new day either. Same set-ups to the same jokes every day. I also don't get why everyone has to have these weird meeting in the ring where they just talk and rip on someone and then we're supposed to be excited or surprised when the person they're talking about comes out and just says some crappy catchphrase and then walks out. Aren't these guys meant to hate each other? Is there no sense of competition? is that why theres all these jokes? You sell matches in wrestling by making guys seem like badasses and then putting them up against another badass who people don't like and building it up in a way that makes fans think "Oh I wonder who will win?", rather than "Oh well that guys looked bad the past few weeks and doesn't look like he's getting much of a push so I guess he'll never win." It needs to seem like any 2 guys in any match at any time on the show can have any result and then you make things interesting because it's unpredictable.

  9. Hast du irgendwie keine Ahnung? Raw is völliger Bullshit denk erstmal drüber nach bevor du so ein Video machst

  10. Just because you believe Smackdown is better in terms of an overall show and entertainment…doesn't mean you're a fanboy. This is WWE, key words being wrestling and entertainment. Entertainment being a bigger part of that because if you ain't got that part then you ain't got a true star. The Rock was one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time without being a technical hero. Entertainment is key…Which is why Brock vs Goldberg is a draw and two grappling vanilla midgets…are not.

  11. 3:55 if WWE would really listen to their fans Booman Lames would be a jobber or better sent to comepete in some African/Australian promotion

  12. You should stop making videos after this because Smackdown live is 100000x better than raw.
    Talking Smack is even better than raw.
    you suck.

  13. Raw sucks , reason is discrimination..I mean who thinks Cesaro and sami zayn are lower mid carders.😥😥😣

  14. This list is absolute clickbait bullshit, most of these arguments, if not all can be easily debunked

  15. I think no on here has seen Smackdown lately. Smackdown was great at the third week and beyond but for the past month or so Raw has been kicking its ass cuz SD has gotten lazy. If you hate Raw because of Roman, well great you have one thing. But recently SD has had WAYYY more problems with RAW.
    So currently I'm a Raw guy.

  16. 10 reasons why Smackdown as of right now isn't better
    1. Carmella and James
    2. Nikki Bella
    3. John Cena having to team with Nikki
    4. Where is the intercontinental title?
    5. That Naomi was champion for at least a second
    6. Dolph vs Apollo and Kalisto
    7. The tag team division
    8. This whole wyatt feud.
    9. The fact that Aj won't be competing for the world title because you know Luke is gonna take his spot.
    10. Mickie James. i love Mickie but her role currently makes no sense

  17. Raw is always winning in the ratings, Smackdown hasn't broke 3 million yet and so far because its Wrestlemania season Raw has had 3 million views consistently so the win at that

  18. I like both shows but I feel like SmackDown is better because SmackDown is always giving underdogs title shots while Raw is giving title shots to the same wrestlers.

  19. bray wyat is a joke whc in SD live is a joke because there making It weak bray wyat only he had to defend his title once

  20. The only reason I can think of is the fact that SmackDown has a more shittier tag team division than RAW.

  21. Bruh…RAW made a big mistake of it being 3 fucking hours long. The matches are just boring, and the fact that you just have to sit there and watching some long ass boring matches with boring promos

  22. WE HATE RAW…
    1 Like-Respect to smackdown…
    In 2017 raw have=87%
    in 2017 smackdown have=92%

  23. Smackdown Live = For the more casual pro wrestling fan
    RAW = For the more hardcore, involved or long-time WWE fan
    (IMO…) 😃

  24. Many years Raw was most popular but ever since the draft smackdown was the best and every time I watch raw I feel like I don't like wwe but watching smackdown I was like yeah I love wwe

  25. This is what raw does better, he's not saying raw is better than smackdown, there is also a video about what Smackdown does better than raw, People just don't think and open their eyes and realise the true reason for these videos, just trying to educate the people that don't think before they say somethin

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