10 Insane Unsolved Mysteries of the WWE

10 Insane Unsolved Mysteries of the WWE

You don’t associate pro-wrestling with unsolved
mysteries very often, but maybe you should. Over the years, WWE has concluded more than
a few storylines that left the audience confused and without closure, while there are also
many troubling real-life stories involving wrestlers that aren’t black and white either. My name is Sumeet and today Wrestling Hub
brings you 10 Insane Unsolved Mysteries of the WWE! The infamous pipbomb, who could ever forget. Back in the summer of 2011 CM Punk cut a promo
airing his grievances with the WWE and calling out various higher-ups in the company, including
the McMahons. Surprisingly WWE let him go on for a while,
which has sparked debate over whether this was a work or not. Regardless, just as things were about to get
really interesting as Punk began talking about Vince and WWE’s anti-bullying program, his
microphone was cut, effectively silencing him. The mystery here is of course what the hell
was this story that was so bad WWE had to cut him off? And more generally, what else would Punk have
said after that point? He himself has never clarified, leaving it
up to fans to speculate. Back in the day Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak
Kid, is confirmed to have been sleeping with female talent Sunny (who was married), but
he also made a seemingly outrageous accusation that Bret the Hitman Hart was doing the same
on live WWE TV. Now just to clarify, Michaels was single at
the time, while Hart was married and had a family. Bret Hart was absolutely livid, mostly because
his kids watched him religiously. He later admitted that he did have several
affairs during his time with the company, but HBK’s claim has never been proven, and
Hart denied any involvement with Sunny. I’m not sure who to believe in this scenario. Something a little more recent, it would seem
WWE blatantly lied about attendance numbers for the record-breaking WrestleMania 32. The story goes that Vince McMahon’s goal
was to break the 100,000 mark for attendance in 2016, but when it didn’t happen, WWE
fudged the numbers. Sources say that the attendance was actually
under 80,000, while others say it was in the low 90’s, but very few if any corroborate
WWE’s 100,000. Now it depends on who you want to believe,
but with these conflicting reports we can’t say for sure if WWE really did break the attendance
record for WrestleMania. Another possible scandal involving WWE and
deceit is centred around Vince Russo, a former WWE employee who moved over to competitor
WCW in 1999. Now at this point WWE’s Attitude Era was
in full swing and they were winning the Monday Night Wars and Russo helped create that, but
things conveniently got worse for WCW when Russo came aboard. The storylines tanked and matches became more
and more absurd at the hands of Russo. I’m positive most WCW fans would agree in
saying Vince Russo put the final nail in the coffin for the company, and that’s where
the mystery lies. Was Russo secretly working for WWE to bring
down its rival down from the inside? I wouldn’t put that past Vince. Remember the whole “Vince McMahon was killed
in a limo explosion” storyline? Still sounds absurd every time I say it. Anyways, we all know the plan was canned after
the death of Chris Benoit and Vince returned, but the story itself begs some interesting
questions. First of all, who exactly tried to kill McMahon
in the first place? My first guess would be one of his kids, but
then the internet showed me this. Paul goddamn London. Why the hell is he smiling like that as Vince
walks to his limo? Another possible culprit was Mr. Kennedy,
who was rumoured to use the storyline to be pushed to the main event. The other part to this was obviously how would
things have played out from there? What was the plan for replacing Vince? Though conspiracy theories exist, most people
are under the impression that Owen Hart’s death in 1999 was simply an accident. Owen was zip lining down to ring as part of
his gimmick before falling over 70 feet to his death. Now how this accident occurred is up to debate. Some say Owen was uncomfortable with the gimmick
and was trying unhook himself, but accidentally launched instead without all necessary safety
precautions. Another, which comes from Owen’s wife, believes
that he has trying to get comfortable within the harness, but somehow caused it to release. Jim Cornette maintains it was a crazy, stupid
idea from the mind of our good friend Vince Russo, and claims that Russo cut corners in
order to get Owen into the ring faster by opting for a less secure but easier to operate
harness. If that one wasn’t dark enough for you,
try this one. In the early 1980’s, cops were called to
the hotel room of Jimmy Snuka where they found the beaten carcass of his known mistress,
Nancy Argentino. Snuka maintained that he was out and found
her like this after he returned, though even then authorities weren’t keen on his story. Snuka, a top superstar at the time, was aided
by Vince McMahon it helping the charges go away. However, the case was never officially closed,
and in late 2015 Snuka was charged with murder. Earlier this year Jimmy went to court, but
his lawyers managed to convince the judge that due to his dementia, onset by multiple
concussions suffered as a wrestler, he was not able to partake in the hearings. It was then decided Snuka was unfit to stand
trial, thus we will never know for sure who killed poor Nancy Argentino. The Montreal Screwjob will forever be known
as the WWE’s pinnacle of conspiracy and mystery inside the ring. The story goes Bret Hart’s contract was
about to expire while he was champion, thus WWE needed him to lose it. The Hitman didn’t want to drop the title
to Michaels at the PPV in Canada, but was willing to do so the next night on RAW. However, Vince was not ok with this, so he,
Michaels, and the WWE conspired against Bret to make things go their way. As Michaels put Hart in a sharpshooter, Vince
prematurely made the referee ring the bell and call the match. HBK made off with the title, while Bret was
visibly furious and in disbelief. He spat in the face of Vince McMahon before
writing WCW in the air. Now this one seems to be split quite evenly,
with many believing this was 100% real while others claiming it was a work. What do you think? One of the craziest WWE-related mysteries
has to do with Macho Man Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon. Despite being one of the most iconic wrestlers
of his generation, WWE rarely mentioned the Macho Man on TV after he departed, and was
only inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. The reason for this may come back to a supposed
relationship with the boss’ daughter Stephanie. Now things get weird here because Savage was
in his 40’s while Stephanie… would have been a teenager. I’m not saying anything illegal went down
because I have zero proof, but even if she was of age this still made Randy look really
bad. Adding fuel to the fire, former WWE employees
have come out saying they were instructed to never, ever mention Savage’s name around
Vince, which adds some credibility to the story. A controversial pick no doubt, there are many
out there that believe Chris Benoit did not in fact commit the crimes he is accused of,
but was instead framed. The story of Benoit, if you’re unaware,
was that a combination of mental health issues, concussions, and drug problems caused Benoit
to go crazy and kill his wife and son before taking his own life. There are definitely some wild theories out
there, but there are some interesting ones. One is that Kevin Sullivan, the ex-husband
of Nancy Benoit, was behind the murders. Though there is no physical proof, he did
at one point swear to kill Chris for stealing his wife from him. Another piece of contradictory information
lies with Chris Benoit’s neighbour who worked closely with the family’s dogs. He stated that he encountered former WWE superstar
Dave Taylor walking to the house that same day. Taylor says he was at an event that weekend,
though there is no record of him being booked to appear. Where do you fall on Chris Benoit’s guilt? And those are 10 insane unsolved mysteries
of the WWE. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a
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free to leave a comment below. As always thanks for watching, and I’ll
catch you in the next one!


  1. course the Montreal screw job was a work! so what if he had the title when his contract runs out!! if he left he couldn't take his belt to WCW thats theft lol they would of just stripped him of title

  2. That belt that Stephanie is holding i believe came out in 1998. Stephanie is 41 years old. So in 1998 she would have been like 21!

  3. Hey guys… wrestling isn't really they get so many blows to the head and performance drugs that's all it takes

  4. But what about the big mysteries of Phinius Godwin and King Mable being brain washed by The Undertaker only joining his Ministry Of Darkness , did he ever switched them back to normal ?? And who factually created Hulkamania ?? Some say Vince , others say HOGAN did ? And the biggest mystery of them all ………………………


  5. You do know vince stole WWF from the Harts, Bret's dad started WWF and got bumped out by Vince along with his sons.

  6. It's all scripted in advance. If a scripted story isn't going well,. It gets dropped, just like any other TV shown storyline. The end.

  7. Shawn Michaels admitted to going along with vinces plan on many interviews and has apologized to bret on multiple occasions. i get business is business but an icon such as the hit man should of had his wishes met sence all of his years. A lot of wrestlers have hatred toward vince lol. From the interviews ive watched

  8. have to admit though steph was dressed pretty slutty with the low cut shorts. But damn she hss an ass and tits and pretty. Total package. well back than..

  9. No mystery just DRAMA. It's all staged can't anyone understand that. Besides Benoit he was a psycho roid freak

  10. I would believe Bret Hart before I ever believed a word Shawn Michaels ever said. Even to this day I wouldn't believe Shawn despite the fact that he has supposedly "changed".

    As for the Vince Limo storyline. It was supposed to play out that he faked his own death because no one appreciated him. Paul London was just being a moron. There's a few morons out there like him and Punk.

  11. I have to ask……at 3:53, what is up with that guy at the top left? I mean, why does he have his face there of all places?

  12. Never believed the savage stephanie bullshit. If it were true Vince would have made sure savage was charged. No way it would be hushed.

  13. Vince has gotten caught on camera staring at Stephanie's breast, kissed her fully on the lips for another segment, the mystery is has he thought about screwing his own daughter. Sick bastard!

  14. Ok. Sunny also denies anything between her and Bret. And Bret… y'all can call him bitter and jaded, but that man is NOT a bullshitter. Also Paul London had zero to do with that storyline, and got in serious shit for smiling.

    Chris Benoit was a great wrestler, but he did it. Blaming Kevin Sullivan just re-opens old wounds for all involved, whether directly or indirectly.

  15. i do not believe chris benoit killed his family i believe they were all murdered something still does not add up to this day

  16. Snuka was guilty of murder and I believe that the Macho Man did sleep with Stephanie…. the guy dated Gorgeous George who was about 20 years his junior.

  17. Steff, oh steff you are responsible for some of my first stiffies. Forgive me for that but you were the hottest woman I could imagine :p

  18. The actual story is that Steph was around 18 and heard the Macho Man, was, well, macho downstairs too. Not saying its true or not but… Also, Macho Man was a super nice guy and until recently, Hogan was a huge dk. Met both in person by chance. Macho Mans whole fammo is good peeps, RIP to RP. Sorry you had a bad ending, lost brother in (upper) arms.

  19. I love how everyone instantly judges Savage for that, when when 90% of men if given the chance wouldn't hesitate with Stephanie, it'd be a different story if she was younger than what the story says but what was she around 16 did it say, would I? well considering the fact that I was about 5 at the time, probably not

  20. Paul London told the story him self. Creative told them to be super serious and London did the opposite. Why? Because he hated Vince and the WWE and was trying to get his relase and not quit so he would get what ever out of it. He also smoked cigarettes at any chance he could at arenas because he knows Vince absolutely hates cigarettes

  21. The pipebomb was a worked shoot.
    The Savage-McMahon issue goes deeper than what they mentioned. The time frame for the alleged affair put Stephanie between the ages of 12-25

  22. Macho Man did in fact boink Stephanie, in a shoot interview done with Brutus Beefcake he revealed that it wasn't Macho Mans idea, but Stephanies!!!

  23. the sex thing with bret and sunny, shit, if i was bret, i would of said, fuck yeah! shawn just jealous cause she didn't put out for him when he wanted to shag her. i would walk around with my head held up high if i was acuse of banging sunny…when she was young and hot….wouldn't you?

  24. Chances are Chris Benoit did the crime, but I really hope he didn’t do it, he deserves to be in the hall of fame for his in ring performances and I just hate for people to talk so much shit about him when we don’t know 100% if he did it

  25. While I cannot deny or confirm the Macho Man/Stephanie rumor, according to both Lanny 'The Genius' Poffo and Kevin Nash, the hatred Vince had towards Randy was over the Slim Jim sponsorship. After leaving WWF/E for WCW Vince tried replacing Savage with Kevin Nash in the Slim Jim commercials, the results were less than encouraging. Behind the scenes Macho Man contacted Slim Jim to work out a deal where he would still do the commercials IF Slim Jim becomes a sponsor of WCW instead of WWF/E. The loss of Slim Jim to WCW due to Macho Man cost Vince Millions. Now we will never know the truth behind Savage and Stephanie unless either her or Vince come out and comment personally, but there is truth behind the Slim Jim incident.

  26. My question would be if the neighbor seen Taylor at the house that day why? Bc Benoit didn’t let anyone there but Chavo. Did Sullivan hire Taylor to do It?

  27. I'm surprised this piece of sit is even still on here I happen to know many of the guys in these stories and know for a fact that most of these are false and the reason the stay unsolved are cause theirs nothing to prove. A fee of the people in these stories are even dead so there will never be any proof to them so let them rest in peace.

  28. Stephanie McMahon was dating Macho Man Randy Savage that is mind-blowing in itself to me cuz I had no idea thanks for letting me know about that LOL what is the real reason why Lex Luger ended up in jail

  29. Anyone who thinks CHRIS BENOIT killed his wife and son then himself is INSANE. He loved them. I believe he was DRUGGED and could not save his family or himself. I also believe there was a cover up. Hell if i remember correctly CHRIS was found hanging from his weight equipment with his feet on the floor, HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN YOU HANG YOURSELF STANDING UP. NO CHRIS WAS DEAD WHEN HE WAS PUT IN IT AND SOMEONE ORGONIZED A COVER UP and i would love to be able to prove it and get my hands on the barsteds who did it. I had a hell of a lot of respect for CHRIS and I HATE ANYONE WHO HURTS WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

  30. On Hart and Michaels: Both of these guys are known to lie their asses off. Trust either of them to tell the complete truth? I think you would be better off believing Vince.

  31. Eric Bishoff started to kill WCW so he could buy it cheap from Ted Turner. Him, Russo and Nash worked together so they could buy WCW. Russo and Nash were double agents for Vince and stabbed Bishoff in the back. Vince became the winner again.

  32. #1 might aswell blame New Jack aswell, he was furious about Nancy's relationship with Chris and hated his guts even more then Kevin Sullivan did

  33. for those saying Kevin Sullivan murdered Benoit and his…are y'all forgetting that Benoit was a huge dude and wouldve put up one hell of a fight. Not to mention his wife and or kids would've made a sound that would have alerted Benoit that something wasn't right… Let's just face reality here Benoit killed his wife his kids and then himself because his wife was rumored to be considering asking for a divorce…

  34. 0:31 The best promo of the PG Era, just like how Austin 3:16 was the best promo of the Attitude Era, you gotta admit they are the best, it was that solidified and made both Punk and Stone Cold such badass heels

  35. I would boned Stephanie too….A mere teenager….why not? You wouldn’t want her when her attitude and pussy became sour 🤢 Would you 🥴? Hell no….

  36. Snuka killed Nancy and everybody knows it. Vince really fucked Bret over bad, Vince is a dirty bastard though and with him EVERYTHING revolves around money.

  37. I believe Chris Benoit did not kill his wife or his kid or himself I believe that something else happened instead not sure what but someone's hiding a secret a deep dark secret and if Macho Man did have an affair with Stephanie McMahon way to go buddy

  38. Vince Russo might have been involved in WCW folding in the end but I personally think it was Hogan and his ego that brought it down he never let the smaller younger wrestlers get a chance to prove themselves and make WCW better
    If it weren't for him the WCW would still be around giving the WWE a run for their money

  39. Montreal Screw Job ~ Brett and Shawn hated each other for real. Both are Prima-donnas, with Shawn being more immature. Also, no way was Brett willing to lose in Canada. The WWE Women's champ showed up on WCW with the belt, and promptly tossed it in the trash can! Vince was worried Brett would do the same.

  40. Owen Hart's death you missed it.
    He was working with Jeff Jarrett and who was the female Debora? Married/dating who? Stone Cold. And he was seriously injured with a pile driver by Owen

  41. where does this tephanie macho rummor comes from? everybody says it but nobody ever confirm it , hell not even the person that started it…

  42. Can we stop talking about the montreal screw job. It was all a deal. Just like when the big stars went to small areas where the local star would beat the champ but later it would get overturned because a leg was on the ropes or some other bs. It helped keep the champ moving and the local champ still a local hero

  43. I don't believe benoit killed himself and his family. There's already been reports that he was dead before they were. How id's that possible if he did it?

  44. pretty sure the crime scene investigators could tell if someone else killed Benoit's entire family and him.

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