🌟 AoE3: Lancers Shred Stelets Like Opris shred Vils | Two Town Smackdown [🐘 vs 🇫🇮]

🌟 AoE3: Lancers Shred Stelets Like Opris shred Vils | Two Town Smackdown [🐘 vs 🇫🇮]

both players sort of moving towards the north side of their base yes in the left-hand side of the map in the color red playing as the Russians I wonder if he'll eat that coin on the floor you're right robo he's he is going up he's going upwards so this is kind of what we were hoping securing a hunt trying to find a coin Manuel nearby and the same thing for ease he's not as far north but he you still come up above his TC just the Q uh some more space yeah and like basically just this two hunts nearby can herd them towards the second TC and this is also like his is slightly further forward so he could use that as a jumping off point for being aggressive but yes it also does perform the function of securing rhesus what resources where some poses is not aggressive it's just resource focused really eco plan and it might be even like stronger because he's basically covers even more ground and hunts and things like that if you see something he's collected a couple of these goats but he's already sending them back to his original TC I'm like saving them at the north one here yeah running all the way down yeah it could wait here right it'd be safer to wait at this TC with them and so intercepted in the middle or you don't have to risk it but it looks like he's bringing them home because he wants to eat them so you can see these have been deleted and he's gonna gather from them ASAP they go at to food per second so it'd be much more quick and that means he's looking to get up to the next stage fast at no okay this is what he's doing right as rusher it's really hard to Kiev ills right because you need to have so much food in the bank yeah before you kill up the batch yeah you need 270 food so he needs to eat the ghost just to get that second batch in production ASAP and that must be his game plan this first batch of three bills does come out from this TC up here okay so that explains why II think obviously keeping the ghost would be strong economically for later but perhaps getting those villages in queue sooner is sort of just better overall or at least some who seems to think that it would be by the way these sheep called Marco Polo sheep I don't want to stir out but like the ones that they're eating although on the left hand sides are some poos he's a cold Marcopolo sheep others TC you're me here I'm not you oh these guys they're Marco Polo she may be Marco Polo found them they've got really like if you look at that his face looks really really like just that seems like it should be like a troll face yeah it's like a has gone okay sorry those are my little anecdote eating their market Polish sheep clearly yeah these ones at goats they wait so he deleted them now that they're dead there no no the market Polish sheep were one of his herds I think and then like oh yeah they are I tell me yeah cuz the goats are still this cuz they called sheep it confused me right okay looks like though both players have used their TC a bit more than going up with more villages than usual zombies on 22 villages here so normally you see Russia going of 14 or 17 looks like he's just gonna make villages non-stop from both until he's yeah he's got nine bills in key right now so that's three batches of bills he's clearly intending to just stay aged one train as many girls as he can huge ego booming but exactly he's already you know sixty or so percent up to colonial yeah and he's going up with the philosopher Prince again the chief of politician possibly gonna see a fortress well that's what I you'd expect to see from right that's what's very normally but I have no idea what aides will do like that is a whole different ball game judging from his deck ATP in on an on trading face map I don't think he'll be getting the zen temples to be honest but it is in his deck I don't think that's relevant though he just picked this deck and it probably won't matter that that cards not very useful he could fast fortress with this there's definitely the potential to do that but he's also got he could play it out in age two he's got kept both options open it's not like he's closed anything off something to point out is spice trade which I don't think is something you see too often and at first arsenal advanced tasks not that that's that seems reasonable for Spain because they don't have any like other kind of upgrades to put in their deck other than cavalry but he's not put that in he's not got cave combat in there which unusual actually and he's not got the the colonial cavalry upgrades he's got advanced Arsenal which will improve his scams and Musketeers if he gets that later on and gets the texts that are available so for Spain I don't think that's like unusual or super unusual anyway really nothing much really happening anywhere just slowed down so much right yeah no one's really going for any sort of insane aggression at the moment now maybe ace doesn't want to be too predictable or something he's he's gonna be fast for tracing they're like you were saying about he's got his by the looks of it 700 coin as his second shipment there and he's gonna be clicking that button as soon as these crates two gathered up some food sent eco theory as his second shipment just in colonial right now eco theory when you've got you know 30 or villages starts become a viable upgrade right yeah and it's normally when you're in the 15 wheels you like well it's not that great all that great 30 now it starts to pay off and your villagers just train more quickly so it scales more quickly as well and for Russia they don't have bill shipments right the only thing they can send that similar is distributive ISM which she's already sent so it's kind of like sending two vill shipments back-to-back and it's the only other thing you could have sent being in aged one I suppose so it made sense to just sort of send it here and this is reminiscent of his Ceylon build which sent to sort of greedy cards in a row in fact three actually he's in three bills and then what schooners and the Virginia Company but here distributive ISM followed by eco theory he's definitely looking to be a economical I think is the word for and is even dropping the out of block house at both of his town centers just to bolster the left of that defense and he's got a big eco now so probably does need to block houses to maintain production from you know you can have two about your Musk's in each or something like that so I don't even think it's unreasonable in terms of production either so defense and also offense in a way but we're seeing eight pikemen has just been shipped in by A's as likes that shipment just as is about to hit fortress getting close now it seems and he's also got a barracks at home so possibly Pike folks yeah it looks like he's mostly eight pikemen a seems to like this a lot we saw the war clubs in the previous game but in this one there's no trade posts to tear down and I think the Pyke's would have a hard time really doing any damage so yeah you'd have to be expecting cannons behind this he's going up with I guess we'll find out in a moment the sergeant-at-arms which is he's going to give him eight more pikes as well and he's trained five war dogs and five Musketeers so this is a big army a really big army actually to defend his Falcon nets with and like I would be damned if he didn't send them I'd be very very confused to face on anything other than Falcon heads so gonna come in here with a big mess of scams not scams pikes and looks like he's just gonna start whaling on this block house by way all the folks when you've got this mini Pike where you can take down the block house yeah and right now and he would have seen it exon through age really late as well so you won't expect too many military units just come in here and start you know punishing some poofer for that late age oven and some people like his defense at the moment purely they only got ten muskets which these folks coming across the map now but yeah they're coming across the map but zombies now up to fortress age as well and he's gonna be able to start sending shipments he doesn't have a shipment just yet Minutemen being called just as the muskets arrived but the facts are now arriving as well and those must here you can see them sort of trying to kite away or taking big shots at the bows there that was a volley and it looks like he's gonna lose his t see here it has netted him a bunch of bills he did get some of these bills might die as they try to run away that they might I think okay they're not being gone for yet but its netted him some bills these ones look like they're gonna die he's been able to use the Minutemen and this is buying him perhaps a little bit more time like he still got another TC so this is something Russia couldn't usually do right like he's he's now got 17 Strelitz out and if he could find a way to handle the cannons he'll probably be okay I should send their own carrots yeah Russia of cannons so possibly consent to of his own folks try to get that first volley in and then just relax and Musk's to try to take down the matter pikes yeah that would be one way of doing it he's also got let's take a look at units in queue a priest exondia canons say a pretty excel like massive multipliers against canons and it seems like that's what he wants to handle them okay my thing is coming in again he's just shipped five sorry for lances is five it is five yeah okay just the game this is based on form it's based on the the re patch which is where it is full but yeah this is five so it takes down a house here the cannons are ready to shoot on the infantry but the appreciates that they should be here now where are they they're up in the top of the map here they find some villages and three appreciative – I gonna be able to kill all those bills there that's a lot of bills that are about to get killed take quite a damage at his base if he's not careful he might lose the block house you're right but he's waiting for his cannon saying easily he's gonna lose that but I think this is what he was waiting for and now he can sort of get can he get a volley with his cannons before he's gonna volley oh oh 10 HP yeah it's alive it is he's gonna finish off that cannon with the Musk's there and it looks like you've won by one volley so to speak there but one volley is not such a big deal and these letters are here they possibly gonna clean everything up Lance's will absolutely shredder destroy the Thrilla imagine that imagine this the Strela are really delicious cheese and the Lancers are a grater and you're just rubbing the cheese into the cheese that's what's happening it was shredding them in said juicy I don't know why that was on my train – no those watching the stream before we started were to see me eating a burrito or whatever it is a rep that cheese in it that was delicious man yes that's where the cheese what's happened to their projects – they'll die or something let's go see military units and there they're dead yes I guess he handled them with something maybe the Lance is headed north clean they're not first before they came south either way they're gone right who loses the villages in the north trying to get up this block out here yeah and his his Explorer on the left-hand side rays could possibly find all these other villages on this coin mine he's just missed them you need to flare yeah found him Oh these very kicker he's just nearby and he's just taking the wrong turn that's one feature we have in AO III that AoE T doesn't have very much used to flaring as a spectator yeah that's kind of weird is I guess it's helpful oh it's definitely helpful just so don't used to it yeah I'm you two having subscribe or it's on the Left north of the left a little bit more north yeah yeah up up down down yeah twitch s in the right place now speaking of Twitter chat there is a you've got it that's fine okay say AIDS has there it is Cheers has made Lancers and in response to that Sam who's gone with the cavalry archers it's really good against them but a couple of rods is really all you need to handle that the a Trudel arrow shipment that had just fast enough if they're snared to keep up and rods are really good against Kavis we know there's also a couple of turns in the back there phrase more appreciative aides down on the south here he's killed a lot of ills Minutemen being called there and the Lancers look like they should be able to catch their and stop them escaping we'll check in with them in in a bit calves Watchers going down there more calves Watchers coming out it looks like that's this game it's interesting right because Sam who's clearly ahead on eco 47 he co but he paid to get up to the fortress edge he lost his TC and he had that you know that defense against the two cannons reason is he lost his you know block house and stumbling down to block houses lost villagers all over the place lost that huge massive strollers that he had but he's not lost as many Vil's oh but it's kind of similar 12 though two A's and as is much further ahead on terms of military so I'm feeling pretty good phrase at the moment and these skirmishes as well helping to pick off these collages it seems skirm rod yeah batch of six cossacks does come out and there's only three rods there and two goons to those gomes probably won't last long and a's agrees he's gonna try and get away there he does a five haas that as a shipment that have just arrived they've been rallied to that TC that he's building looks like he has escaped the skirmishes and will be okay I like that though this is sort of like the BMTC I killed your TC and now I'm taking that spot that's mine now it's a good spot man secure the area gets that coin mine there's the Hunts to the north as well that he could possibly push in yeah and there's the BM that's the most important part of BM yep for sure but now he's found some booze TC on the left-hand side yeah and there's villages there they are quick to move yep hiding in the corner there or corner on the round map it's a bit hard but you know on the edge on the edge here they project they're coming in again and there's a couple of minute men here to defend in subjection was just waiting to use that analogy yeah the cheese grater analogy no precincts getting cleaned up by the Lancers in the Minutemen these damn roads coming in as well yeah he's trying to raid they but does lose those oppression Ickx trying to mess up CAV arches and Cossacks here that seems like the best bet at the moment I guess and now everyone sort of stalled and they're sitting back and they've been dropping a third TC now you know something you can build for entail in this game right so they've decided okay we've done our early aggression we've defended the early aggression now we're just gonna sort of chillax a little bit try to mess up some army get some more Eco going but that's alright what are we gonna get a couple of bills here couple there are cave arches at home though he's gonna clean that up all but a big fight to the north as well though as these villages where are they going running right to the middle of aces army but the cab arches and the Cossacks are here Johnny I don't worry I'm feeling team stomper in this fight here he's just got a lot more stuff but Minutemen I can help even the odds there and yeah he's gonna get back probably like if he runs away these are me with all these villages are horrible yeah I think he's just gonna Chuck the bills in there to handle the rods or just give him the way tank a little bit yeah roaming around just needs to kill the rods off quickly because they're the things doing a ton of damage to his to his calves arches right once they go down he's probably fine if he's got enough to say that but he's lost of toilet area he's lost too many cavities right and he's almost about to fall behind in the village account and throw us time in the long time and twelve Pike's coming in now eh seems yeah aces just got such much like just winning all these fights really cost-effectively and it's basically taking a lead for sure and really Sabu doesn't really have anything that can count to these pikes and rugs it just needs more units right and he's sort of lost them all a couple of Strelitz rokosz popping out right there but the Lance is just instantly jumping on top of them yeah and more rods coming in from the right-hand side as well raiding the villages and berries and this is just military running everywhere around all void murderers man out okay will it be enough though they are strong but they're a bit like CAV arches in the sense that they're gonna be weak to the rods but not as weak they're yeah they're definitely better okay so he's got his eco he's got his military back up again but he's gonna lose a few villages on top to the skirmishes Oh some more up there as well I think he's stabilized we take a look at units lost he's lost a lot of villages now 20 build lost here 12 but he has got three TCS and also disease okay sure but Russian villas trained faster I like he is behind an eco but if he can win a good fight that won't matter so much let's see what he can get done with the CAV arches all this guy managed to get cleaned up in the north by some Minutemen like the big thing for me at the moment is that a you sort of I feel he has more map control yes this forward TC it's sort of like split to stomp his base into two which makes it a little bit hard form to defend everything whereas a is really he just needs to focus between the two middle T C's yeah it's something also worth pointing out is that tompas now got cavalry combat in an ace doesn't have any sort of upgrades to his calves I mean he has got hand infantry combat which is making the pikemen and the rods quite strong I suppose that's the direction he's going with but I'm worried about if he gets like if we scheme does go super late I think Russia will just have better units I'm surprised though the manchu really saved him right without those some people would really be like it would have been destroyed then I did nothing there defend like he ships ships he creates ten Strelitz and they would have just got instantly cleaned up by the hostiles and alliances but the manchu were there to save them make them keep them viable I should say trying to sneak a blockhouse up Oh blocked blocks block house locked house plugged really no one's doing much oh we've got a boundary though coming up for a 's maybe he's gonna start adding in some more folks he's got a little bit of gold in the bank you can maybe afford to thousands that's the only thing that makes sense cuz spies coming in as well in queue a church somewhere fit for Russia I guess to deal with the Manchu is likes to do that kind of thing and to be fair yes buys they times forty versus well times twenty versus mercenaries are fair enough and I think you're right that's the only thing that makes sense to train at an artillery foundry they don't have anything else there to train really that would make sense but it looks like a smite losses forward TC here getting siege downs even to folks from tsampa here as well he has a foundry somewhere yeah he must do and all all these villages popping out of the TC just instantly getting gunned down yeah it's here yep there it is and even oh oh look these villages right-hand side for some food what are they doing dying this so far away from home hey he's just trying to gather gold but this doesn't seem like a sensible mind at all so yes he kills his TC in the middle of the map but on the right hand side he's gonna lose you know five ten villages here and there's a perfectly good mine up here yeah there's perfectly his mines all over his head and I guess this one was just the closest to wherever the villages were before they were mining over here but even so like going over to that side of the river just seems full hardly body and extreme and it looked like Russia had pulled it back and had gotten right be back in the game zactly after the TC fuel odor said okay I think Sabu might be in the lead now but that just throws everything everything in the bin he still got a pretty good army and to Falcon s he's got culverin Zink you though ace and they are now here to colds there we are I think those spies were worth it though he's killed three of the spies and I think he only got one man true I don't think they were worth it but coals they're about to unpack they're gonna maybe try to get a poly off one shot a second shot he dodged it don't like the matrix he gets away with both Falcon it's still in tech just but the coals now are going to deny being able to pressure on the front here and as we saw they just killed a bunch of villages and I think he's gonna know now I mean if we take a look at units lost is a lot of villages right so ace is ahead in eco he probably knows it and his game plan can now shift to just like sitting here and waiting for some poo to come to him right the ball is in Psalm poos caught so to speak it's safer to stay at your own unit and I feel like that's probably what A's will do though having said that he's moving up north and remember ace and easy as an ace does there are units up here this is probably where he's going that's the block ask the pipes and nearby the rest of his army is not really following that or massing in the middle of the map eight bills are it's petered time yeah that sounds like a nice thing to do nothing to pee touches oh boy how 16 instantly killed there by that massive pikemen yeah vet Pike's with a hand infantry combat I've got 43 seeds yeah that's crazy new apps of damage and 14 hand attack on these rods as well these villages and songs the timings a little salty there and now the armies are gonna meet in the middle it seems the Kolb's are a little vulnerable though there's nothing really nearby but unfortunately somebody doesn't have any melee have anywhere take down three folks phasers units are much stronger but looks like zombies got a ton of stuff and three faults is gonna be quite good against the scams let's see if he can get those culver ins into position they're coming forward but there are cave arches here both cannons just looking so no powder their own time there's some villagers getting raided and dying in the north thankfully pikes are not very good against killing villages but yesterday I'm gonna kill them put my bid they are gonna slowly kill them these Strelitz now just walking straight up into the scams here rushes feeling pretty good it looks like now and he's just backed off into the pulps keeping them safe while it cleans up the army of just his massive units here and he's doing a quick 360 there before marching off that's just for BM I use 360 now has got cuz then Oh has he what let's take a look what's inside here and infantry changes all action damages by 10% oh that seems probably why he's gone for this deck then his rods and Pike's can get that upgrade and be really strong now getting infantry breastplate well of course those calves are just there even the trailers just marching up supposed to look out he's gonna just try and RAM them down one of the cold sitting there on 7 HP who's busy attacking the other one I think he's focusing all the other units the calls really don't do very much damage only you damage to the fal'cie he's not too worried about them they do go down in the end know that so that's good for him and hey looks like Russia is on on top at this point looks like they so we are being trained at the Zen temple what else is available in the Zen temple shall we have a look it's got 1000 XP sat like mercantilism and you know upgrades change get 20% cheaper which might be quite good when you get your guard upgrades and perhaps the imperial capital upgrades if you happen to go that late again yeah that's kind of like when it would start being good I think it's quite expensive upgrade yeah but here we see some post huge massive army just continue to march around the map try to find something that they can fight but to folks from A's Oh getting both who were the felt one volley and the third and the Third Point well his folks are still alive okay they're getting gunned down now yeah but not before he got a really you know that was what he needed to stay in the game so if the facts of Russia was still alive he really would be in a bad place right now one Phalke in the back here but looks like aces switched to crossbow pike just because he can't get any coin which is not ideal kissed relics with all the upgrades they're just so much more cost-effective still getting some nice volleys off with the felt but it finally goes down and SAAM pooch there's so much more military pop at the moment yeah and crossbows are just really ineffective like all the up Gracie sent don't affect them whereas the Strela are still affected by sterlet combat etc etc the heads got infantry breastplate too has got an arsenal someone yeah that affects the Pyke's and rods too as well yep he had all the military getting cleaned up here it looks like some pew is now building his first mill so if he's gonna be switching to mills and plantations very soon and ace has already got a couple up by the looks of it perhaps aids can hold here this light has two at the back of his base ice okay so he has he's definitely he's already got the switches well switched but this is looking okay he's got some dogs are really strong here 199 hit points they're affected by infantry press play what the that's amazing there's a lot of range to separate their type and infantry this is hand infantry no it's just crossbows and Pike's are handy country okay hand infantries like is archaic infantry right so many dumb tags but war dogs are so good at this point and because they shadow tech they've got really good stats they get it they're like basically cavalry but really cheap ones they only cost 100 food right 75354 even cheaper yeah their children hitpoints they're really okay now the military's just completely swung one eighty and now Russia is behind what a game man what a game rover is happening things stopping things has he got 40 sit nice – what is 3t C's and we're slowly climbing up to 99 villes even that we'd be there already if we hadn't lost 51 Red Delicious Jesus Christ and rush is still ahead on eco it just goes to show you like how good that Russia bonuses mind you he does have three T season days only has the two there and he's also starting to secure more of the coins in the north of the map it's got this block house up here which sort of secures two mines essentially – this must feel like the third or fourth attempt for a block house on top of the map finally gets it and always has is this 1000 gold here and it without you know coin he's he's he's spending some other way let's get a units in queue I want to know what he's spending it on Falcon s right oh no it's gone now I'd expect to see Falcon it's and like maybe rods or something because that's rods are low on coin he has got some faults okay so we did see some and it's even making the discipled Zoe from the Zen temple yes to get some more military it doesn't cost any coin they're interesting aren't they they've got quite high hand attack for they don't cost coin that's right but not a pikemen and his pikes a veteran already their stats are reasonable actually though I'm wondering why he wants them instead of just ordinary pikes maybe his maybe his baricza's were busy making crossbows and he wanted to just so he a fine and also their native units and it's cool in this ace that's probably why they don't cost any pop that's truthful that's true but that is true and we're approaching that 200 pot party look at this huge army that we're looking at this massive veteran Cossacks it's just the one folk it seems in the back and so this is just running around this is game over surely this is the final nail from sambhu coming here but Asus ahead on point somehow let's switch on over then to military units we've got to see this that's a lot of a lot of cavalry they does have some pikemen nearby ver is the main army is a whale Inlet from the north for maybe gonna pinch him in here with the two boats it maybe I just I move everything I'm just worried about yeah they started to fight too soon here but he kind of had to because his bills are gathering food but he has now arrived in the fight the units on the top are now in here he's got two fouls his opponents only got well one and it's not in the fight here he's felt way off over in the distance so all this infantry he can actually handle for the time being those Falcon that's really important here he's hot sauce or pardon me caustics now coming around the flank to try and get on top he does notice it though he's gonna try and body block that slight pause might be just enough they're gonna try and focus them down and they're just one random felt running in at the north of your screen there from some food just comin now they're nowhere yeah it's that one felt we saw earlier but it does trade off for a foul so that seems reasonable and down here in the bottom there's a lot of pipes remember they've got infantry breastplate as well as hand infantry combat they're quite tanky pikemen and with warthogs mixed in they're gonna take out those Strela it's quite nicely really well done there it looked like Santi had everything he needed to to win the fight there with a's away from home but not the case advanced ass this is intricate this Spanish gold coming in at 26 minutes 32 that doesn't seem correct on the shipment that gives you a little bit of coin every time you send a shipment yeah you get 400 gold every time a shipment arrives but it is also just a 400 gold shipment flat right by itself yeah say I mean obviously it's not ideal to be sending it right now but maybe he's just sent everything else that could possibly be useful already small little raid coming on the right hand side just a couple of Strelitz forcing these bills to stop talking crazy I love watching lances that's just so good these real Australis they gonna rip through them it's a shame that ace doesn't have any CAV upgrades in his deck he's only got you know in all the infantry ones which is cool and it's really it's kind of worked out but I love seeing like fully maxed out Lancers with x 4 versus infantry and all that not up in the North Dade us find the villes on golden that's gonna bring it up to 57 58 this may well be the most villages ever lost in a single day 60 mils oh my god same and somebody's somehow at 99 village is still no that's recalculated why is it so high just oh they're in queue but no they're not I have no idea account for theory no it doesn't I don't know what it's counting either way he said he's pretty he's doing all right for villages for these veteran Australis though they're pretty stacked on upgrades at the moment yeah he got the advance along in flintlock as well as his paper cartridges in but military is not the military drummer's is which gives them speed they are very very strong Stralis they're incredibly cost effective but Lancers I don't will they be enough they in theory they're you know so strong and more dogs there so these are the right units it looks like he doesn't even care about faces army he's just trying to kill as many villagers on these farms as possible yeah and that's kind of what you do at this point in the game you can only replace them two or three at a time once you hit 200 pop you can just trade off your army for Vili kills as long as you can replace the unit's immediately right yes at this point where it's so it's kind of a different dynamic and you'd also be doing things like trying to the factory also coconut almost nodes on 500 people nice but there are no factories obviously yet yes but yeah he's killing a lot of a lot of stuff right and I think just because Sam who's got like the insanely cost-effective Strela it's and a fully maxed out 99 veliko yeah he looks like he's okay here he's doing what this is what he needs to be doing – yes 20 bills ahead now and by the way I don't think something is actually making this very first plantation of the game now the plantation because he's been just getting all these coin mines all over the map yeah whereas we see that a es already has plantations yes Spanish gold seems quite is actually not too bad I suppose once right because now there's no gold left on the map it's seems reasonable imagine if it sends it sooner though so many bills going down now at 65 and the Strelitz now fighting crossbows which is what they want to be fighting really they'll win that cost effectively does it look like ace has the funds to continue training Lancers and the thrillers that just sort of constantly march in like you kill five or ten of them and then another five or ten just pop up again yeah from all angles at the moment and the bleeding just isn't stopping the Sampa Strela is just marching through this hole and now paper cartridges in as well these fellows are strong they're like wall motion skirmishes now almost three felt really all about so and that's gonna be what he needs to handle them but oh look at that yeah so huge Rowley something is gonna go hang combat there which will finish these quite quickly but look at the plus six is that's constantly just popping up all over the place he is he is gonna have a but more Strela all from the other side he's got the facts down one hope to go that's how you do it you just Chuck men at them eventually the the artillery is up this is a world war one all over ya just keep sending them in and A's there he goes calling it Sabu bringing it back to the tuol what a series oh what a game that was crazy so a lot of bill bill kills I'm gonna XD more hormones I'm a teenager again that was crazy I want to see the postgame graph okay and look at the Villard account I just watch it going up and down some pieces lately oh that was a crazy game yes he says Strela are insane especially with advanced arsenal you could probably spend with 30 bills and win well I guess 99 bills is just overkill then yeah I should have deleted some make most relics that's how that way it's right yeah they are very very cost effective that's the trouble with like oh I'd really like it if Spain's upgrades for their pikes Rod's also affect their crossbowmen because I don't think it would matter most of the time but it would give them a bit more like it seems it seems appropriate and thematic in this game it might have mattered like out of the one in a hundred games where it would but whatever I just like Spain I'm always suggesting nonsense ideas for Spain but so next up will be just highway lanes and this overlay we've seen before that's fine we didn't get to see Ceylon feels bad man we didn't get to see Bonnie Springs feels bad man feels very bad man and I spent up but it's been that long making them why do you want to show them but never mind the show must go on and next up yes high plains then so some people pick first he cannot play as the Ottomans or the Russians Ottomans are a sieve that we occasionally see also Portuguese yeah Ottomans I think is is quite good on High Plains like they're pretty good on most you know high Trading Post maps and also yes Portuguese and Spanish because of the you know the advanced trading postcard is more effective with more trading posts so there is that maybe some people pick Portuguese I somehow think though comparatively the Portuguese bonus is weaker than usual because you know start with an extra TC kind of makes getting a TC for free every age say yeah you can see here that he's played as the Spanish there and below just to the bottom we can see that weatherman Hamm is pointing to a spell over Russia being victorious up in the top we see some bison with a flurry of villages being jumped out here by coyotes as you can see that one getting ready to leap on two hams hand come on come on yeah on the other side the score is two T with spells of winds and high plains thank you all back to the studio keV [Laughter]


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    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVh2Vb9H4Vs

  2. I prefer the hole series but if you put a yt link in description it's fine of course. And for the people which want to see only the highlights its even better like this. 😉

  3. Mmhh is there a big AoE3 Community? I always thought that its the least popular game of the series by far.

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