🇷🇺 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson 🇺🇸 2020 – UFC 249: Full Fight Breakdown Promo

🇷🇺 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson 🇺🇸 2020  – UFC 249: Full Fight Breakdown Promo

Welcome back everybody to kenan KTV when it comes to the most dominant champion of the entire UFC Habib nurmagomedov is definitely that guy especially in a light weight divisions history Nobody has ever been as dominant as he was and this only begs the question who can possibly beat him so far everybody that had be best fought whether it was in the beginning of his career or his last fights the difference between elite and amateur opponents seemingly all had the same outcome, which only makes us ask the question who can possibly ever Defeat a beep the Eagle nurmagomedov We could have an answer to that question April 19th 2020 at UFC 249 in which the main event will be fall for the UFC lightweight title between habib and tony himself But before that 9 approaches, let’s take a closer look Why most people believe tony el Cucuy ferguson is the only man to defeat her beep? While Tony Ferguson possesses is something that when you take a look at Conor McGregor Dustin Poirier Michael Johnson Edson Barboza, you know all of her people’s last opponents They simply could not really do what Tony Ferguson does and when you take a look at Habib He’s always been a fighter that utilizes a game plan that has never really been altered or changed over these last years He has always been the same fighter when take a look at him fundamentally speaking He’s always been a very smart fighter who was able to control his opponents. Take them down and Methodically break his opponents down and secure himself a submission or a decision victory We know that all of her Bebe’s recent opponents They were never really going to be beating him in the grappling Department when you take a look at Tony Ferguson The likelihood of him beating her beep in the graphic Department himself are I would say highly unlikely however He has a way bigger chance at standing out and defending himself and actually making a fight in the graphic Department Himself now, I don’t have a pretty vague so right now let’s just structure the entire video and let’s just take a look at why people think and why I also believe that Tony Ferguson is really the Only man to ever really put a serious threat and a challenge to Habib’s overall game Let’s look at him into three main components of MMA right striking stamina and grappling obviously these are very Summarized categories and I’ll dive into them a little bit more in detail as the video goes on But if you’re going to take a look at striking out of all of Habib’s opponents you could have easily said that all of them were simply way better they happy but the problem with just striking is this it is never going to be just a striking match up with Habib even if the fight does not go to the floor the fighter that you’re Fighting is Habib the ego no matter sambhar wall champion and devastating wrestler Your mind is already not Focusing on how can I approach this fighter in terms of a just pure striking contest because it is not going to be a pure Striking contest when Habib is continuously threatening to take you down and because of this all the strikers have father beep they’re striking game was always altered they were never as Comfortable as it normally would be against a fellow striker right? They were always too tense and they were never really clear They were never really in the flow state So for them to fight somebody like a beep their best attribute already gets diminished by just having to anticipate Habib taking them down now with Tony Ferguson He’s a fighter who was not afraid of being taken down thus not really taking away from his entire game from the get-go Which makes him the most dangerous fighter that Habib will ever face now aside from the mentality for Tony Ferguson entering the Octagon we also have to look at him in terms of his abilities and what he’s able to do in a Stand-up Department skill wise Tony Ferguson is tailor-made for Habib nurmagomedov if you take a look at Tony Ferguson, he’s a fighter who has high output as rangy attacks has Unorthodox attacks as well and is always relentless and always coming forward those five points that’s already a perfect Stylistic opponent to defeat Habib in the stand-up department alone many opponents either possessed one out of those points to a certain extent to a certain extreme but Tony Ferguson is very Even across all those five points. For example Conor McGregor. He had awesome Forward pressure with you know devastating punches, but he didn’t have the activity Dustin Poirier. He had the unorthodox Combinations but it didn’t have the pressure maka Johnson He had the output and speed but he didn’t have the pressure right all of those things these fighters had but none of them truly had the entire package to come at the beep and Tony Ferguson is The only guy to ever be able to do that For example, if you take a look at Habib as soon as the fight starts against al Iaquinta Right what you see right here is him immediately going on The back foot Habib is a fighter who likes to stay at a pretty medium range He does not like to fight in the pocket. He does not like to fight close up in the boxing range He likes to have enough breathing room so he doesn’t feel closed in or In and because of this Habib is more so inclined to immediately taking the outside and moving around, right? He did it with Al he did it with Poirier. He did it with Conner as well Now out of those three fighters al Iaquinta Was the only father who had I would say the best success by just simply coming forward and pressuring her beep in all areas He even threatened to take a beep down keeping her Bebe’s mind busy by doing this right and he never really over committed Arshad She always kept a very steady pace a very steady Offensive output and it is exactly right here where Tony Ferguson has always looked the most dominant by coming forward Backing them up and keeping them busy with quick punches that aren’t really fully loaded with knockout power It just keeps them busy. You know the elbows come in here as well The tea kicks the body shots here is where Tony Ferguson Starts to drown his opponents and starts to completely shut them down and you may think to yourself Well, Kenan, you know if this is the biggest weakness that habib has why hasn’t anybody really done anything about it? Well, you have to also think about the fact that habib is the best wrestler in the entire lightweight division He will just shoot in on you however And this is the biggest factor in this entire video when habib does shooting for a takedown he is rarely backed up against the cage meaning the only time that he fully gets his takedowns and shoots is when he has Somewhat of the ring generalship. He will first cement himself in the middle of the Octagon He will gain ring generalship and then he will single egg you put you against the fence and then you will slowly and slowly Drag you down to the mat. That is what he does the best he has never been the fighter to go in there and shoot for a big double leg lift the opponent up and slamming down he has never been that type of a fighter he has always been a very Mechanical takedown artist and the takedowns like a beep field to get the most or takedowns Where he shot in for the takedown out of flashes a desperation when it was being backed up, right? When al backed him up Habib just shot him for a takedown but by doing this Essentially you are shooting in on a fighter who has the entire? Octagon the entire ring to back up to just backpedal and avoid you and that is one of the main reasons why a beep did I get to take that on al Iaquinta and it did not get the takedown on Conor McGregor and I believe the third round and this is where things get very interesting if Furguson can establish himself by coming forward Popping the jab going to tip kicks going to the body draining her beef keeping him busy high or low if he can make sure that he at least Defends the first two takedowns as Habib is shooting in on him with his back up against the cage from that position Then he can start to really frustrate her beep and that is when mistakes will happen And that is exactly where Tony Ferguson can started to capitalize and defeat a beep However, though Tony Ferguson has to be very careful because physically speaking Tony Ferguson is a very elastic fighter He is not like a big block of weight, right? You’re not I mean, he’s not like a big and movable object He’s just a fighter who is very elusive very sleek and very smart So when Habib shoots in on Tony Ferguson, I would have to believe that physically speaking Tony Ferguson is not really the fighter who is made to defend takedowns at all times from Habib I would have to say the only times Tony Ferguson can truly take Advantage of Habeeb coming in from that position and defend the takedowns Will be exactly when he has enough distance and when he’s just picking at her beep so other than that I really just see her beep taking him down out will almost Every single time and when Habib does take him down you would have to assume this if Habib takes down Tony Ferguson When Tony is backing him up you would have to believe that a beep either goes in for a single leg or a Very rare double leg if he does shoot him for a double leg I would have to believe that Tony Ferguson will be very slick enough to put himself in full guard and when he is in full Guard that is when Tony Ferguson is the most active that is when the elbows start to come that is when he starts to set up the rubber guard two submissions and he is being Very active that can be very problematic for Herbie because he has never ever had an opponent or would do that to him However, though at the same time you also have to realize this When is the last time you saw Habib take somebody down and he ended up in full guard. I personally can’t remember it now Why is this Habib is not a dumb fighter? He is arguably the smartest fighter in the entire division in my opinion The way the Habib takes her down is rarely by brute force. He’s always being very mindful of the human anatomy He knows that if we take the the left ankle That means he’s gonna have his full body weight onto the right ankle. And if I do this and this like he’s always planning He’s always plotting how he can be two or three steps ahead of you by the time he takes you down and when this happens It is always a take down from the fence It always uses the fence happy will always use the fence he will take you down He will make you sit up against the fence. He will sit on your legs. He will lock your legs It will control the wrist and then he will start to ground and power you That is how habib has always controlled All of his opponents amateur to elite because there is only so much that you can do in a position no matter what skill level That you are so now we have to look at what triggers the fight to end up against the fence now It is pretty simple Habib is a pressure fighter at heart He will back you up and then he will shoot it on to the legs This is what happened against Dustin Poirier, right? Dustin was taking the outside on a fighter who was applying it to pin him against the cage and then take him down So the smartest move Dustin could have done enough fight was at least always come forward But Dustin has never really been defeated who really would utilize That type of a game plan or that type of a fighting style The only fighters that ever really do that are Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor and out of Tony and Conor Tony is a fighter that will always be punching be throwing Conor was one big shot and then it is kind of reset time Right, there is no reset time with Tony So knowing the fact that Tony always likes to come forward and always pressure the opponent keep them busy and knowing the fact that heavy Would like to take the outside in the early rounds or to at least get some distance and have some breathing room to their shooting for the takedown You have to really favor Tony Ferguson to really just out point and just keep on hitting a beep and who knows he may slip in an elbow and start Cutting him so Tony Ferguson really is the guy that stylistic knee speaking is already a very very tough matchup for hippy Additionally if we take a look at his stamina his cardio the man is the best cardio fighter in the lightweight history There is just no money that comes close to me even habeeb and because of this cardio factor He will not start fading like Conor McGregor did he will be able to do what he did in the first round in the second Round third round fourth fifth. So this is a very very new obstacle that Habib would have to essentially Overcome will he do that? Well, it will just have to wait and see come fight night For now, this could potentially be the only man to defeat Habib the eagle No Magomedov, and I would like to know your thoughts in the comment section down below However, as I always like to say in the end only time will tell what will truly happen for now I have been kenan from kenan KTV signing off later You You


  1. In your dreams khabib will beat tony awake off this funny dream than put tony back to sleep and prove to tony and everyone else its easier said than done

  2. Why make the fight in April when it has been jinxed since last time that was supposed to be in April?!!
    Something is not right

  3. Advantages for Tony:
    1. Taller
    2. Longer reach
    3. Better stamina
    4. Better striker
    5. Better footwork/movement

    Advantages for Khabib:
    1. Better wrestler

  4. I don't see Tony Ferguson beating khabib at all. I mean watch him against Kevin Lee. Kevin Lee pretty much controlled the ground game with ease. And khabibs a different kind of animal when it comes to the ground game. I just dont see it… Ur video was great man… 1st time watching this channel.. 👍👍

  5. Sounds like the fight will start off similar to Khabib vs pat healy where Healy was coming to Khabib with non stop pressure and Khabib couldn’t got for a takedown so the fight was mostly stand up

  6. Tony is an accurate, unorthodox striker; khabib wont be able to adjust to his pace and movements.
    Yes, khabib will take Tony down…..but Tony is a genius on the ground. It will be a matter of time before Tony wraps up an arm, neck, ankle and khabib has never experienced a fighter as foxy as tony on the ground. Every other opponent tries to get up and it works in khabib's favour, they try to get up. Tony THRIVES on the ground, with elbows, kicks, chokes, super skinny and can secure a submission in seconds.

  7. Tony can not win this, jus khabib 🖤🙇🏿‍♂️🙏🏿💪🏿☝🏿God bless you all ❤️💪🏿

  8. I think its possible if the unparalleled conditioning of el cucuy can come into play in the late rounds. Otherwise, I'm very ambivalent about anyone taking Khabib right now.

  9. In my opinion, Tony has the only best chance of beating khabib if not no one else as of now can defeat khabib in UFC.

  10. You forgot that Michael Johnson already beat Tony and Khabib esely beat Michael. So just think about that bro 💪👈☝☝

  11. If Tony Ferguson gets too close he will be taken down, It's that simple. It doesn't matter if he's good off his back khabib is great at ground and pound.

  12. This fight is a must , it has to happen but personally I think a battle between Jorge Masvidal and Tony Ferguson would determine the baddest motherfucker.

  13. Think alot of people sleep on gaethje, everytime i seen him being taken down hes right back up again but time will tell

  14. Khabib always throws that ugly overhand right haymaker while staring down at the ground when he isn't going for a takedown.

  15. @KenanK TV What I love most about this video, is at 9:50 after you ask when is the last time Khabib ended up in full guard. You show a clip of him landing in guard vs Al Iaqinta 🤣👍

  16. Asalam Alaykum I want Khabib to Win InshaAllah and so WILL HE INSHAALLAH ALLAH O AKBAR☝️ full support to Khabib Akhy from 🇦🇫 brother living in 🇨🇦

  17. for the past two years, when the stats for longest active winning streaks pop up after a fight, my heart aches when seeing Khabib and Ferguson at the top, knowing that's the only fight that really matters

  18. Tony has alt of things previous opponents didn't'have. One thing not mentioned much, is Ferguson's reach, 76.5 inches, longest in the division.

  19. Khabib will beat Tony. Than GSP will come to fight him, Khabib will beat him as well. Then he will beat Conor 2nd time (Conor will retire devastated). Then he will beat Tony 2nd time. Then a new star will come up, with 10 wins / 0 losses, wanting to fight Khabib. Khabib will beat him as well, and he'll retire undefeated. As Tony is an endurance fighter, who likes to keep the same pace for 5 rounds, he may actually loose the fight in the 1st or 2nd round, completely overwhelmed by the immense pressure of Khabib on the floor, and getting submitted after brutal mauling.

  20. I myself am a great Tony fan but hate the most Tony fans because they're so toxic. What if Khabib will win? What are you going to say next?

  21. Khabib may lose this one because Tony has an Iron chin cardio for days and it doesn't seem to be a threat that Khabib will submit Tony,so I will go with Tony for that reason.

  22. A big part of this fight in my opinion is khabib has always found places in later rounds to take breaks and recover/maintain his gas tank. I think it's going to be alot harder for him to find those spots in this fight. Same on the ground. Khabib always has moments to recover as he's breaking you down. I think Tony will be able to cause more scramble opportunities and keep khabib from taking breaks on the ground even if it's just from elbows and knees. Tony keeps saying he's going to make khabib piss blood which to me makes me think he's going to attack the body on the ground with elbows and knees which really make it hard to breath and mentally reset. I got Tony inside the distance in this fight. Even in the stand up Tony has that non traditional timing similar to guys like Kieth jardine where you would see guys that have much better striking on paper really struggle against unusual timing and attacks. I think you will see alot of that in this fight from Tony.

  23. This is going to be a good fight! I see Khabib dominating Tony rounds 1&2 then I see Tony finishing the fight by Triangle choke at the end of round 3

  24. There seems to be a trend between people who've seen Naruto and best combat sports content production. Coincidence 🤔?

  25. This is a terrible video review. Full of general statements which are so general that they can apply to any fighter. How do I get my time back that I wasted watching this video? Reviews are completely incorrect. You should probably take some classes and learn how to analyse fighters.

  26. A lot of people got hurt when conner lost.. the same will happen with the Tony boat. No doubt this will be the toughest fight for both

  27. 😂All Tony boys are gonna be really hurt when they see Tony helpless on the ground. I’ll be back here on April 7th!!!!

  28. khabib will have no way if he can mechanise wrestling to opponents because he has no power over striking and punching very loose

  29. Tony is good but his chin is weak,mab b kabib drop him with a hard puch and will submit him,any ways itz very interesting fight ever

  30. Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to get told to take a seat after getting caught slippin on Chris Hansen’s child predator show. Khabib in round 1 so you noting fangirls can disappear.

  31. How disappointing would it be if it ended by doctor stoppage? That'd be a lame win for Tony… but this is khabib we're talking about. Please please please Im pleading to both fighters to fuckin MAKE it to the octagon on fight night… watch khabib slip and fall on his head on the way out to the octagon…🤦‍♂️

  32. tony has a great chance if he gets his timing right, khabib shoots in low for the take down, tony could knee him at that moment and its lights out, that shooting forward for a take down is a moment he is exposed dangerously, should be a very interesting fight.

  33. If Tony doesn't Ko Habib in the first round (which is not likely to happen) he's done, Habib is gonna give him a sombo masterclass like he did with all his previous opponents

  34. Lmfao 😂 😂😂, done with the hype about Tony?!! See you after the fight 😎, oh by the way, even if Tony wins , it's pure STUPID to bet on a man who lost more than one time before, against a man who have NEVER lost a fight in his life! Maybe a couple of rounds here and there, and that's even rare! Just saying!


  36. To me Khabib wins this. he is just too good on the ground for Tony to submit him, his striking improved a lot, and i recall him eating big hits like they were peanuts. Tony does fall under big shots, and usually tries to roll out of the situation which might not be the best idea against Khabib.

  37. Gotta find find other guy cause in my opinion Tony is too lite on his feet and Khabib is going to slam him in every way possible. And I know Tony has weapons an I do like his style but it's truly clumsy.

  38. I totally don't agree with you. Tony is not really good enought to beat Khabib.
    Watching this video is wasting a time.

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