-Hello! This is You from Hilty & Bosch!
-I’m Zin! So, what’s our project for the day? The world’s greatest dancer’s attempt to go viral on TikTok challenge! Number 2!!!! ※Correction: Number 3.
Number 2!!!! ~Description~
Attempting to go for a million views on TikTok video within 24 hours. Well, we blew up completely on our last attempt, so I’m hoping we could get our revenge on this one. Therefore! We have a super reliable guest today! Let’s hear it up for him! Our good friend, Kenichi Ebina!! Mr. Kenichi!! (What’s this?) Click! Click! Champion of America’s Got Talent
Kenichi Ebina in the house!!! We actually have one more guest! Are you ready? Reatmo the Beatboxer!! (Reatmo and Kenichi shooting toy gun at each other) Worldwide Beatboxer
Reatmo in the house! Now we have three worldwide artists here, It should go viral doesn’t it? Here we go… Click! It doesn’t go well doesn’t it? Why are you aiming for the camera guy? (Kenichi running out of ammo) Oh crap… Jokes aside, let’s get started! We better get going for our meeting. Let’s do our best! Introducing Kenichi’s Bag I got a lot of props and costume with me since I had no idea what we were doing. You guys always wear something cool so this one is from my championships… This one is also from my championships in America.
The jacket with my name on it. This one is from my performance in America’s Got Talent. And this gun toy.
The one I just used. So that’s where you got it from! It’s a toy from my childhood. It’s a bit different from what we’re familiar with, isn’t it? We don’t know this one. This one says “No.4” here… does that mean you have three more of these? I actually got 6 in total. (Kenichi and Reatmo toying around) Mr. Kenichi, this looks cool! S-Seriously? I feel like we’re in the Matrix or something. Let’s seriously start this. So just like that, we’re using different sounds, but we share the same rhythm. -And we all do the B part…
-Oh, all of us together? So, it’s going to make sense when we merge them all together… That sounds simple. Alright, let’s do it! We finally got all our image syncronized in our heads! Creating a worldwide masterpiece!

Choreography: Kenichi Ebina, Hilty & Bosch
Composer: Reatmo (Creating choreography and the music) (Filming Kenichi’s part) (Filming Hilty & Bosch’s part) (Filming Reatmo’s part) We finished recording!! Well that was a lot of fun wasn’t it? That was a masterpiece we want to release to more than TikTok! With this members assembled, there’s no way we’d fail! yeah… Please be more confident, will ya!
You’re the great Kenichi Ebina! So, now’s that recording is done, we’re gonna edit and post them afterwards! I wonder how things will turn out… Everyone, please stay tuned! Thanks for coming today! We had Kenichi Ebina and Reatmo in the house!! ~Few days later~
Alright, so now we’re ready to post the video. This time, we detailed a lot in our editing under Mr. Kenichi’s directing! Let me put this simple So at first, the three groups recorded individually. However, with those three combined,
it will create an entirely new masterpiece! We put a lot of hard work for this one! However, I’m worried that this hard work might be noticed to only those who has dance knowledge. I don’t know how this will end. Still, this is a work by three group of major artists! In addition, our last video with Shun Shun Clinic P went 750K viewings within a day! We actually got a million viewings two days later! It went up didn’t it? Still the rules doesn’t change this time.
A million viewings within 24 hours! We getting better scores so I hope this will be the one! Well I’m hoping for that, and we’ll go with our usual drill! Gimme! Give we the power! We’re in a good flow now! P-P-P-P-P-Presto! Oh! Alright, it’s up! Uploaded♪
(We can’t see though) I hope you would compare this with our individual videos! I’m pretty excited about this! So we’ll be back in precisely 24 hours! ~The next day~
Alright! so 24 hours have passed! So let’s go check the results! I mean, we had Kenichi and Reatmo covering our backs!
This should work! Alright, here we go! I always get nervous on these moments WHAT???? WAIT A MINUTE?!?!?! What’s wrong? (Zin freaking out) Can it be? Did we did it? Wait, lemme double-check! What’s with this reaction? Could this be…? Wait a minute… but this is crazy! Look at this! Er… We’re utterly defeated!!! 3360 viewings… Last time was a 760K viewings, and a million in three days. This time was a 3360 viewings… We got 229 likes.
(Last time was a 38K likes) I wonder why…? Maybe we we’re thinking too much! Oh my god, this is so regretful… Mr. Kenichi! Mr. Kenichi, we’re nowhere near million!! Reatmo too! What the hell! We usually get a lot of comments but we only got 5 this time! We don’t know how to react to this… Maybe this was a bit advanced for TikTok viewers? I feel like I’m triggering a lot of people here… Maybe planning too much isn’t good either! This time’s attempt on TikTok with Kenichi and Reatmo… it ended up in a total bust. But guys, we swear.
Let us redeem ourselves! We can’t end here… Be prepared TikTok!! Make sure you leave a like and a subscribe if you enjoyed this video! (Bonus Clip)
~Adults playing with toy gun~ (It’s hard to see, but he did get hit) You’re out! Out! He’s out!! The winner is Mr. Kenichi!


  1. お疲れ様です❗️え~?TikTokの攻略は難しいですね。それとも豪華すぎだからですかね?🤔でも、最後とても楽しそうでした❗️

  2. まあ、エビケンさんとか確かに知名度ありますけど、テレビで映った時期は一瞬ですし、ダンサー界でって話になりますからねぇ。。。しゅんPみたいに、芸人とか、わかりやすく若年層に人気がある人のほうが向いているのかもしれませんね。 個人的に三浦大知チームをヒルボの伝手で引き込んでくれるのを期待

  3. ハッシュタグいっぱい付けた方がオススメに出てきやすくて再生回数伸びるんじゃないかな?わからないけど笑

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