ملخص عرض رو الاخير|9/7/2019|عرض اسطوري- WWE RAW Full Highlights 9 July 2019 HD

ملخص عرض رو الاخير|9/7/2019|عرض اسطوري- WWE RAW Full Highlights 9 July 2019 HD

we welcome you live to Monday nitro [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] losses will that becky upset lose buckler titles rebecky losses becky agreed Selena Vega has some tricks up her sweets but you said trained in the streets New Jersey preventing Vega from getting to the court which would bring Seth Rollins into the ring to going but there's Vega went to the sidewalk by Lynch right hand both of their championships on the line Sunday we remember if a Becky loses that both titles gold a call Lina sidesteps the champ they get right to the jaw very nice Becky lives certainly known for her confidence account of course she has to break remember elimination rules and not gonna win the matchup like that elbow caught Vega in the jaw Becky would be in here Vega must enter the map inside the ring and they to claims he is the future of WWE look at this athletics is that a great he'll ensure truly playing with fire tonight six nights before Extreme Rules a loss here tonight could be nice deep arm drag takedown by and Vega screaming and Street shoes too and let personal issues get in the way of doing your jump back to the neck by Andrade Rollins dows here comes the universal champion I Drive the barricade tag made Becky's legal woes to evade bed Becky Lynch because remember it's a mixed tag team is the sassy southern belle her cell Becky Lynch nothing getting in the way of Andrade is planned despite the fact that Selena has been eliminated Oh momentum wise into the matchup winners take all but I'll fire it up goes it's down to whoever makes their opponent right now even though Selena Vega technically has been eliminated from this matchup Sunday winners take all isn't dry day heads up to the top rope and Rollins baits in their help lacy Evans become Cabral's in this check and simultaneously big opportunity double foot stomp right to the midsection of Seth Rollins in the champion and here's Andrade a suplex from Andrade applause for the late great Eddie gun ring positioning Andrade might have picked up a win then Rollins is here but just ended riding across the ring set up and over to the outside step go to springboard off the top row for Seth and Becky heading into Extreme Rules you could never count on dry day out if you can't take your eyes Oh this is where the emotion could be the dolphin and untrodden gonna make him pay with erotic ronnie capitalized something once again you know [Applause] [Applause] overcome several speed bumps here tonight it very different extreme loot Women's Championship six nights Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans could be WWE's [Applause] Wow look does make you wine do you think this is gonna affect their relationship if you know what it's like that song love stinks my name is but sister down the business will shoot from the hip I happen to know something about the word extreme this Sunday my client will cash in and that's not a prediction that's a spoiler so I've either given you a heads up on a historical event that happens this Sunday Rock [Applause] what's up the rumor has it you're the best garbage man in the world Simon how would you like to be Roman reigns tag team partner tonight it's gonna be awesome enjoy the tag-team champ is the revival TV in the mid it's a two out of three Falls match up starting things off lined with the best in the world Shane McMahon recently take out into the arc get some tag team generals out there Big L Bible no flips Best Buy recently and so Shane McMahon beatin people up as we see right here yeah very aggressive style of his arrival here at WWE Elijah right now Eliza capping all that potential here and w-w-whoa and another right by Elias six up being isolated from there oh great power and wild what happened a team best lives since they've captured the raw Tag Team Championship control of his emotions he realizes his careers on a downward spiral and he'll never pass 10th there's nothing changing about this missus being reckless they just walk you to the commercial break here live on Monday Night Raw elias just walked out after being a two on three handicap situation is new so stick by allies but if anybody can overcome gauss in a while they would love to put the uses away here may be biting off a little more they can chew on smackdown live Wow Wilder now right to the face and there a Miz tearing on Jimmy USO and look at this down Dawson now the technical ability of the revivals design the change of direction oh my goodness face-first sit off the tag great move by a Wilder nice mitts off the apron but objetive hey there goes there – while they're still trash-talking louder trying his best up hold on junior was so cold there's out here did he get it no now Dawson's legal tell me nobody the courts still very effective Jase tanto you so this is ready to go almost there's also doing a great job intercepting Ju so essentially sudden death situation third Falls now official fly binky cross will be replaced [Applause] honey I know I said this honeymoon was gonna be great we finally arrived at our honeymoon destination I have a picture of you and I together we're going to new it New Jersey is it clear I can't believe you do you think different enjoyable honey I know it's not the most ideal situation but there's a lot of room in this year right why don't we step inside and get it on I'm gonna show the world what a great 24/7 champion I am all right until then and only then because constantly our marriage now save these liberties to my dressing room for our post match victory okay all right they think Shane to you won't go blue set it right down here so proud to have but Reyes he's banking for what we understand he's a hundred percent rey mysterio we're Rey Mysterio here tonight live on Monday Night Raw i'ma keep it short and simple I surrendered the United States Championship now I rehabbed harder and I became hungrier and now well now I'm back challenge to anybody in the back that is listening gutsy move by Rey return this is just superhuman he looks as focused and now the match is underway Mysteria looks to use his quickness I agree with you there's no way in hell of it populated oh look at wait kitty put allies on the less than 100% lash look it for the six one nine Mysterio top rope Clark and lastly taking it all out on the stereo lastly impressive looking to make an example of this what is bobby lashley safety glasses thinking about what flying bran stolen last week I was the only man standing I will be the last man standing Bobby last weight versus braun strowman last man standing Shane McMahon teamed with the Scottish psychopath drew McIntyre against the pig dog Roman reigns Styles Anderson a gallows its path to ricochet six days before breakage a defense of the United States Championship and there's AJ Styles gallows and Anderson the club we saw them join forces again he is cold he is calculated he is pound-for-pound Cesaro is running out of patience I agree with you Renee is as always criminally underrated conga line has no way is a Lazaro bouncing him off the steel steps driven into the barricade retribution for Jose the official area here comes Cesaro back bodydrop Jose believe he puts an AB himself here tonight let's see think he's not taking him so seriously look at these rapid-fire uppercut sig guy so sorrow in a gut wrench suplex to side that ring what sounds like a cliche B or he's going for a swing middle the rhyme no way Jose nowhere to go Cesaro impressive here tonight with a victory live on Monday Night Raw Sunday home enrollment right yeah they gonna be taking Seoul's fan hoes and so hoses Souls yeah it's a night Shane is picking his partner what about Kawhi Leonard hey Kerwin Kerwin in a truck stop man edition so these two aren't here to play Aaron and Aybar the most dominant tag team somebody might be hiding somewhere wider gotcha you never know I would I hope he ain't sure how no scary movies but the hand on the clock they be moving too slow [Applause] ASAP these two live by the motto take what you can give nothing back set to take on Eric who's in the ring now and I've rw8 yeah cuz the stare of Eric of the fights and there's the power getting rag doll on this young man he can believe that one of those athletic big things bond and nurture this we'll explore and I want to use those or any other tag team on Monday Night Raw the Predators playing with their food at this point Eric and I are wasting up their cup you're done when they're ready to be flaky to dominate again the background of twenty when in pursuit of almost assuming God mistake every chance no not quite sure what he's taking well yeah against Luke Gallows live Nets Roman excuse me do you have any idea of who we might choose you do know who my partner is right this might seem thank you Joe so if the one who stays gonna pick the Romans partner later on tonight WWE's resident superhero in current United States Champion is say learning what it means to be a champion against the phenomenal a j-style but before that get an inside look into the life of ricochet is radical immediately following the gallows from the clop so a couple of weeks ago before I could even celebrate one of the the biggest wins of my career they gave me one of the biggest beatings of my life I think we all know what's about to happen right and right behind those two you know you're going to see AJ Styles I'll just have to fight all three to get their careers all collectively back on the right track WWE Champion John Cena had to target on their back ricochet thanks for reminding us who you are – I appreciate that recap because Gauss is gonna stop a mud hole in you with a six Luke Gallows Luke Gallows definitely playing that right now Dallas has that power one ricochet in midair and a massive chokeslam ricochet a bone-rattling glazed look in his eye let's go there's the body shots looking to weaken ricochet be there come the fist from ricochet though baby should reenergize styles it back together with his longtime friends it's gotta be a success these three have had the past together it's great strategy by Luke Gallows managing that mean stroke that's a mile long not only is AJ Styles enjoying this here Oh United States Champion styles which of this match last week you got a glance of that ricochet with him six nights away perhaps from capturing his third United States Championship to continue to punish ricochet here we can do what you said we were gonna do huh you said you were gonna go through all three of us right Oh unless you're not man enough champ and we're back live on Monday Night Raw this match made official during the commercial break in abilities that he does it's hard to ever consider him in underdog but oh and by the way his opponent this Sunday aides forced to show his hand shine feed there is now he's he he loves a challenge he'll never back to activity of take to this challenge here I'm just looking a pick him apart and I know here in WWE were used Karl Anderson his party you know records say of course winning the United States Championship with a victory over Samoa Joe and on that bike get things moving here kick to the midsection rickety and spine posture pie and ER remember record say one last week but AJ Styles Pete Ricketts say oh another big uppercut by the rump Anderson and ricochet though you can't turn your back on and they're sending an uppercut watching himself over the top rope finding everybody Bob as well and ricochet then we're just down moments ago there might be running out of gas Stiles won't be done until this Sunday when his oh my god and I don't believe the challengers done yet the magic killer Oh AJ stop not again clients on the second rope again you seen ricochetting wouldn't leave a little bit of you left as long as you stay down well Sunday and Extreme Rules for AJ Styles and ricochet we're gonna make damn sure Stiles leave Philadelphia as United States Champion and styles with a phenomenal forearm styles in the club are happy to face the tandem of the best in the world Shane McMahon and Lacey Evans it is winners take next on Monday Night Raw will Bailey or Nikki beat the clock cool set the stipulation sir me hey buddy how would you like to make $5,000 to them may not do anything for $5,000 we want you to be Roman reigns tag team partner thank you easy money good sense just stand there $5,000 $5,000 you gonna do is about rolled you all the rests cool cool $5,000 five grand five grand that's a pretty good deal just stand there there is the SmackDown Women's Champion baby loses right now the Sarila let's center stage suck whoever beats the clock and sets the time tonight will it be Bailey because Logan is hungry to make her name for itself this is gigantic she's howling right now is it thing you do Bailey looks to set a quick time that Nikki cross will have to be in the next matchup Billy the current Smackdown with US Champion a very big opportunity tonight Bailey shoulders down again a 25-second plan strategize close raised over by the champion will press by the champ and a belly checks the clock glances back heads up to the second rope champ caught it Sarah Logan would essentially jumped the line and he put herself in and County I don't think that Bailey she realizes how giving Hawkeyes Alexa bliss is have you met Nikki cross yeah we are 2 minutes 20 seconds into this match big dropkick from Logan coming up on three minutes Sarah Logan on Monday night walked and does that but the clock continues to tick and Al Logan draggy Bailey back to the middle of the ranks continues to make Bailey suffer well Bailey out of the way just in time Bailey off the ropes clothesline Down Goes set flies or did trying open the eyes of the WWE Universe Logan out shoulders down Sarah stays in it Bayley sure is and it's now Nicky across time because she has to beat the clock Bailey picks the stipulation for the Extreme Rules match on Sunday WWE Extreme Rules is presented by WWE universe 32 second set moments ago by the Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley as you saw looking on from ringside she'll pick the stipulation make the stipulation Nikki looks like she's starting to panic he crosses out here trying to win a match and Dana Brooke what do you compete 45 seconds a nickel right to the midsection of Dana look at Nikki crosses a tall order and Dana Brooke I mean she walked over to Bayley ratar-o in her own right she doesn't need to be in the shadow of Alexa bliss and look at this Pickett hammering away now we're Nikki just trying to do anything for her friendship with Alexa bliss actually wanting to be buddies with her Hey look at Nikki now look at a counter you know what grenade it's really friend and here's Dana Brooke now Danny rolling a bit cause we're gonna win the matchup in a kick-out at two by Nikki roll it again shoulders down down Nikki in trouble kick-out at two gonna beat the clock there's the neckbreaker by niklas has beat the clock today will compete under in the Smackdown Women's Championship match my pop decide to go out west with the friendship June your face for the last few weeks then you've been trying but I think that the problem is friendship means a two-on-one Hyundai tap much here's some free advice for you and this honest I'd Alexa blast and to you Nikki deserved that as far as I'm concerned – Nikki cross and Bailey now fairly now up to the top rope Nikki cross defense a direct message to a lot of that Bush and Nikki cross with her Smackdown with his championship on the line still to come later on try to Corey graves is heading back for an interview and we are back live on Monday Night Raw Shane McMahon Ansel McIntyre in a no-holds-barred has an uncanny ability to remain calm under pressure the big dog does not crack in the woods it's got a Scottish psychopath is quarter the best all Roman Roman Roman you know just feeling all the energy out here and that's exactly what drew McIntyre and I could do to you here tonight Roman unlike all these idiots here this great role model but the truth is you have absolutely no respect but I'm gonna make you a promise are you gonna beat the respect into you and I've been searching really all over the holiday weekend ladies and gentlemen give it up for Gary the goat garbetts you were back on Monday Night Raw this tag-team matchup Roman reigns drew McIntyre zombies McIntyre to team with always the dope is in follow the goat Warren man just won two clutches $5,000 you know what that money would do for them just being on the apron Oh Gary trying to get out of there now on the garba Shane McMahon cover and it's over drew a shocked at the performance here of this guiding that got the straight down Roman reigns Sam saying hey you got warmer than a Sunday and extremely credible performance by uh drew McIntyre and the best Alexandra here tonight busted lip and olives again Shane McMahon Andrew McIntyre I miss Barrett Corbin and Lacey Evans winners fate call for the universal


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